Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with F

Updated: January 15, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

“In the celestial tapestry of stars, a select group of luminaries with last names starting with ‘F’ have earned their place among the constellations. These distinguished individuals, from the worlds of entertainment, sports, and science, have left an indelible mark on humanity. From the timeless elegance of Harrison Ford, whose star symbolizes his enduring impact on cinema through iconic roles like Indiana Jones and Han Solo to the incomparable Morgan Freeman, whose star mirrors the gravitas of his voice and his remarkable acting career. These celestial tributes remind us of the lasting legacy these celebrities have left on Earth and now among the stars themselves.”

Alphabetized by Last Name

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FabianHercules RA 17h 49m 42.81s D 44° 52′ 18.20″
Nanette FabrayAndromeda RA 22h 59m 12.00s D 50° 52′ 0.00″
Loletha Lola FalanaVirgo RA 12h 56m 14.00s D-11° 14′ 0.00″
The Edie Falco StarCassiopeia RA 0h 59m 49.73s D 58° 51′ 10.34″
Peter FalkUrsa Major RA 12h 18m 55.00s D 56° 30′ 0.00″
Shelley FarielloAquarius RA 20h 40m 18.83s D-03° 22′ 42.52″
Marianne FarleyGemini RA 6h 23m 13.46s D 24° 34′ 4.95″
Peter FarrellySagittarius RA 18h 2m 16.10s D-33° 59′ 27.85″
Joseph Anthony Fatone JrAquila RA 19h 20m 19.93s D 03° 40′ 19.09″
Farrah FawcettAquarius RA 22h 29m 17.13s D-02° 6′ 14.83″
Emily FianderVirgo RA 12h 39m 15.28s D 04° 38′ 16.08″
Rebecca FieldGemini RA 6h 4m 24.95s D 26° 10′ 23.31″
Colin FirthEquuleus RA 21h 8m 44.69s D 03° 13′ 30.22″
Skye FitzgeraldAries RA 1h 52m 29.03s D 14° 35′ 55.40″
Michael Ryan FlatleyPerseus RA 2h 4m 24.24s D 53° 17′ 1.86″
Calista FlockhartCamelopardalis RA 9h 3m 52.14s D 83° 6′ 10.06″
Doug FlutiePuppis RA 7h 50m 35.00s D-22° 5′ 0.00″
Dan FogelbergLeo RA 10h 1m 28.00s D 09° 2′ 0.00″
Harrison FordCygnus RA 21h 44m 50.00s D 44° 39′ 0.00″
Ben FosterIndus RA 20h 4m 33.00s D-54° 1′ 0.00″
Megan FoxAndromeda RA 0h 6m 36.12s D 43° 51′ 43.36″
Ace FrehleyCapricornus RA 20h 7m 5.00s D-12° 11′ 0.00″
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