Wish Upon a Star®
Name a Star & Make a Magical Wish!

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

*If you already have your Wish Upon a Star® Code, click here to name a star and make a wish!


Introducing an adorable new friend that will have you or your child Starry Eyed! 

Get ready to reach for the stars and make someone’s dreams come true with Wish Upon a Star! After you purchase this exclusive limited edition package, you will then receive an adorable plush toy. You will also get an opportunity to name a real star in the sky. 


Unveiling the Magic 

After purchasing Wish Upon a Star, you will then get to give a plush toy and the opportunity to name a star. This adorable bear comes in a special Limited Edition gift box, wrapped in a bow. You can also capture the magical moment by recording a video as they open this one-of-a-kind gift. The recipient will be star-struck when they learn that they can name a real star in the sky. 


A Magical Gift for Any Occasion 

Wish Upon a Star is the perfect gift for any special occasion. This magical gift will be sure to leave a lasting impression at a baby shower, birthday, or graduation! Just imagine the excitement after they receive this plush toy and discover that they have a star named for them! 


Your Star, Your Wish 

With Wish Upon a Star, you have the power to name a real star in the sky. Inside the package, you’ll find a star certificate that you can then complete and treasure. Then, simply scan the QR code in the box or visit www.wishuponastargift.com, and enter the secret code included to name a star. Firstly, choose a name and date for the star, and then make a wish! Then, your star’s name and location will be permanently recorded in International Star Registry’s digital catalog of star names.


Endless Possibilities 

Wish Upon a Star offers endless possibilities for stargazers and dreamers. Upon purchase, you will receive a digital star chart, which will reveal the exact location of your named star in the night sky. You can also log in with your secret code and reprint your Wish Upon a Star certificate as many times as you like, which eases the stress of misplacing the! Please remember that each star is unique and only named once, which makes this gift significantly special. 


Make Someone’s Dreams Come True with Wish Upon a Star 

Buy this enchanting gift for just $59.95 to give the joy of naming a real star in the sky. With an adorable plush toy, a star certificate, and a digital star chart, this package is perfect for any occasion. Reach for the stars and make a wish today!

This is not a scientific star catalogue used by astronomers. Star names and their locations are stored a separate digital catalogue created by International Star Registry exclusively for the wishers and dreamers who Wish upon a Star! Each star is unique and only named once. 

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