Buy a Star: Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to buy a star?

Name a star packages start at just $59 plus shipping and handling for the standard unframed International Star Registry Custom Star Kit. This includes a lovely 12” x 16” parchment certificate of record, a large sky chart with the location of the star indicated, a booklet about astronomy, and a letter of congratulations. You can also select custom framing options and beautiful package add-ons are also available.(more) 

What packages can I choose from? 

You can choose from a variety of package options. Choices include a Digital Star Package, an unframed Custom Star Kit, a Deluxe Star Kit, and an Ultimate Star Kit! The Digital Star Package is delivered via email and formatted for home printing. The premier framing option is the Ultimate Star Kit. It includes the iconic International Star Registry parchment certificate and personalized Star Chart, both beautifully framed and ready to display. There are also some elegant package upgrades created exclusively for International Star Registry customers. 

What can I name a star?

Most stars are given the name of the person or people you wish to honor. We also see many creative names and nicknames that have special meaning for the buyer and honoree. Except for some minor restrictions, the sky is the limit! The name can only be 35 spaces long. Also, the names must conform to our decency policy which states that the name cannot be obscene or vulgar. Characters from several other languages are supported, but emoji characters are not. 

Can I choose a favorite constellation? 

Yes, you can select any constellation. There are 88 constellations to choose from. Constellation choices include the 12 zodiac signs plus many others named for animals like Cygnus the swan, mythical beasts like Pegasus the winged horse, Mythical Characters, Gods, and Heroes like Hercules and Andromeda, and even some physical objects like Lyra the harp and Vela the sail. 

Do you have an online catalog of star names? 

Yes, you may find the star you named alphabetically using the Online Search Page   
We permanently record the star names in the book, Your Place in the Cosmos. You may contact Customer Service to find out in which volume your recorded star name appears. 

How do you Buy a Star? 

You can buy a star package from International Star Registry at Although stars cannot be owned, you can name a star for someone special. At International Star Registry (ISR) individuals can symbolically ‘buy’ a star. This process doesn’t mean literal ownership of a star but allows a person to link a chosen name to a star. (more) 

Personalizing Your Name a Star Package 

How can you name a star?

You can name a star anything up to 35 character spaces. Stars can be named, for individuals, couples, pets, boats, memorable experiences… When you name a star, the sky’s the limit! Please be aware that every name is permanently recorded so we will refuse or remove vulgar and offensive names from our star catalog. Names removed for vulgarity are not refundable.

Are there any package options?

Yes, there are a wide variety of package options available. International Star Registry introduced the world to the most unique astronomy gift in the universe in 1979. Every star named still includes the iconic International Star Registry certificate created at that time plus a star chart with the star’s location. Framing was introduced in 1992. Since the many beautiful package options have been added! There are numerous framing options, engraved items, hand calligraphy and a photographic sky image of the constellation. Check out the product page to see the elegant variety!

Who names stars? 

People everywhere name stars every day. Stars have been named since the earliest days of human history. For scientific purposes, astronomers use and recognize star names designated by the IAU. The IAU star names do not include most of the names given to stars by cultures worldwide, but the names given are useful to give continuity among astronomers.  
International Star Registry pioneered the concept of creating a catalog of stars dedicated to opening the universe to regular people around the world. Stars are named by people from all walks of life and in every country. Stars are named for couples, birthday celebrants, babies, memorials, parents, children, award winners, and the list goes on. Each star is special and named for a special reason.  

How much to Buy a Star?

Many people wonder, “How much does a star cost?” The cost varies depending on the package you choose and the company you purchase from. In this article, we’ll explore the different options offered by International Star Registry®, a trusted name in the industry, and provide detailed information on what you receive when you buy a star package….(more)

Ordering Questions 

How to Name a Star After Someone?

Visit and follow these step to name a star. Here is a general outline of how one can go about naming a star after someone using ISR:  
Visit the official website,…(more)

Can I Buy a Star?

When you gaze up at the night sky, have you ever asked yourself, “Can I buy a star?” This question captivates the imagination and evokes a sense of wonder. The good news is that with International Star Registry®, you can indeed buy a star package to name a star, making it a unique and everlasting gift. This article will thoroughly answer this question, explain the process, and explore the emotional significance behind star naming…(more)

How do I buy a duplicate package? 

You can order duplicate star packages by phone or you can add a duplicate when you place your order. Duplicate packages can be ordered at any time. There is an option when you place and order, but you can purchase duplicate items decades later. We keep the stars’ information on file so you can order additional copies, framed or unframed, at any time. Just contact us at 1-800-282-3333 and we will be happy to help. 

What can I name the star?  

You can name a star for a person, place, or even a nickname. Stars are most frequently named for the recipient, but you have 35 character spaces to work with, so feel free to be creative. “John Smith, best Dad ever!”, “Terry and Pat Shining Forever”, “In Memory of Mary Jo Smith”, or “My Sweet Susan” are all acceptable. Please be aware that every name is permanently recorded so we will refuse or remove vulgar and offensive names from our star catalog. Names removed for vulgarity are not refundable.

Can I buy an “extra bright” or binary star?

No, there are not any unnamed visible stars. We are PROUD to say that we do not make these claims. Each star we name is unique, and we will never name your star again for someone else. Only 9,000-10,000 stars are considered to be visible (6 magnitude or brighter) under the most optimal conditions. There are a number of overseas firms making these impossible claims, but the math does not match up. 
We will never re-name any star, including yours. As promised on the certificate, your star will keep its name forever. 
Star coordinates are all derived from NASA’s Hubble Guide Star catalog for accuracy. 

How will the recipient know the star package is from me? 

Add a gift card to your package. When you buy a star package we will include an attractive gift enclosure card at no charge. Please indicate the name(s) to be signed to the card in the gift message section on the order page.

How can I get help with my order? 

Call our toll-free number 800-282-3333 Monday – Friday between 8:30AM and 5PM Central Time to speak with our helpful staff in Northbrook, IL. We never outsource our phone calls so your call will be answered by a knowledgeable ISR employee on site. We have been helping customers over the phone since 1979! Please leave a message if you call after hours, or send us an email 

Buy a Star Packages 

How Much Does a Star Cost? 

Star packages start at $59 for a printed package and $29.95 for a digital package. Naming a star brings one face-to-face with the intersection of astronomy and sentiment. While it’s not possible to physically own a star (It’s way too hot!), you can name a star with International Star Registry (ISR) at (more) 

What Framing options are there for my star package?

Gold and Black frames are available. International Star Registry has offered beautiful professional framing for over 30 years. You can choose to have your certificate framed or both the certificate and personalized star chart can be framed. Gold is ideal for a subtle décor, while the more dramatic black frame with black suede matting has quickly become a favorite. If you add a Photographic Sky Image to your package, it can also be framed to match! 

What is a Photographic Sky Image? 

A Photographic Sky image is a Photograph of the sky with the star you name added and circled. This series of photographic illustrations, created by noted astrophotographer Eckhard Slawik and professional artist and photographer Jürgen Müller for International Star Registry is a beautiful addition to any room. 
Your star’s location in the heavens will be digitally represented and indicated on this lovely 12″ X 16″* customized sky map. 
This International Star Registry® Photographic Sky Chart will be unique to the star you named and individually produced in full color. 

Is calligraphy really lettered by hand?  

Yes, you name will be elegantly lettered by hand. Our staff artist has 40 years of experience making each beautiful certificate into a truly personal work of art. The star name, constellation, telescopic coordinates, and dedication date will all be inscribed by hand. 

What are the engraved items? 

Engraved items include star ornaments and sterling silver pendants. International Star Registry engraved items are selected for beauty and sentimentality. Your item will be engraved with the star name, the telescopic coordinates of the star, and the year.  
Adding a star ornament is a wonderful annual reminder of the star you named. You can also select beautiful sterling silver jewelry to keep your star name close to your heart.  

How do I buy a group for a couple or family? 

Call us at 800-282-3333 to group stars together. We will arrange this special charting. Your stars will shine together forever.  
You can name two (or more) stars which appear near one another and mark them on the star charts. This is a romantic gift for couples, and also a meaningful gift for families. Each recipient receives the classic International Star Registry certificate with their name and the telescopic coordinates of the star named for them plus their own copy of sky chart with each star in the group indicated. A photographic sky chart may be added to the order as well, indicating the stars named. Up to 8 stars may be grouped together.

Delivery Questions 

How long will it take to receive my star gift? 

It takes about a week. Your star package will be shipped within 1-2 working days from when you order. When you select standard shipping in the U.S., packages are usually received in the continental US within 5-12 business days. You can also call our office at (800)282-3333 after your order is processed, or email [email protected] to receive a PDF of your package via email. 
Digital star packages are delivered via email and arrive the following business day from the time your order is placed. This is a complete International Star Registry package, re-sized and digitized for convenient home printing. 

My package was damaged, can it be replaced?

Yes. If your package was damaged during shipping, we can send a replacement package at no charge. Rather than inconveniencing you by requesting a return, we will only require photos of A. the damaged contents b. the outer packaging and c. a clear photo of the mailing label to [email protected] so we can contact the carrier.  

If I am not happy with the package, may I return it? 

Yes. We want you to be thrilled with your gift! If you are not completely satisfied, you may return your product for a refund, minus the S&H (shipping and Handling) charge within 60 days. We want you to appreciate our products and if you are not happy, then we are not happy. 

How do I reach International Star Registry customer service? 

Call us at 800-282-3333 M-F 8:30AM – 5PM Central Time. Outside of the US, please call +1-847-546-5533. If you prefer email, please email [email protected] 

Naming Stars as a Memorial gift

Why do people name stars in memory? 

People looking for a lasting memorial take comfort in naming a star. Naming a star is a memorial tribute that lasts for eternity. Many people find great comfort in knowing the star named in memory of a loved one will always be shining over them.

Is naming a star a comforting bereavement gift? 

Yes, many families are comforted by knowing a star has been named. When a loved one is lost there are few gifts that express the light and love that still remain quite like naming a star. Naming a star creates an eternal marker in the Heavens. Unlike funeral flowers, the star named will shine forever. 

Are there any organizations that name stars through International Star Registry? 

Yes, there are many organizations that name stars in memory though International Star Registry. Companies, charities, hospice organizations, and veterinary organizations name stars as a memorial gift. We are honored to have worked with many of these organizations for over 40 years. 

How to Name a Star? 

The steps to naming a star are simple. Below is a walkthrough of how you can name a star with ISR: Navigate to the official website:  
Browse the different packages offered. Each star naming package includes a personalized Certificate and star chart. You will also see frame options and other elegant upgrades to choose from…(more) 

Naming Stars for Family Members 

How Much is it to Buy a Star? 

Star packages start at $29.95 for a digital package to print at home and $59 for an unframed package featuring the famous 12” x 16” International Star Registry parchment certificate. The concept of ‘buying’ a star fascinates millions and symbolizes a connection between us and the universe. International Star Registry (ISR), available at, offers a service to name stars…(more)

Is star naming real? 

Yes, you can name an real star in the sky with International Star Registry. Call us at 800-282-3333 or visit us online at The star’s new name and telescopic coordinates will be permanently recorded in the ISR’s unique, dedicated star catalog, “Your Place in the Cosmos”. This is the world’s only published and copyrighted compendium of named stars. These star names are not used by scientists. 

Is Naming a Star a Good Gift for Children? 

Yes, naming a star is a great gift for kids. Naming a star for a child is a wonderful way to encourage children to reach for the stars, to take up an interest in the STEM sciences, or even to let them know that they are always a special star in your universe. It’s a meaningful gift that extends into adulthood. 
Some of the most exciting calls we receive at International Star Registry are from adults who had a star named with us as a child. It’s a gift they have never forgotten. Some have pursued a career in the sciences, some are naming stars after their own children, or grandchildren, as a family tradition. 

Is naming a star good for anniversaries? 

Yes, naming a star is a symbol of eternal love. Few gifts can honor the timeless love between two people like writing their names in the heavens by naming a pair of stars together in the stars. It’s also an ideal gift for weddings, engagements, and even as a comforting bereavement gift when someone has lost a spouse.  

How to Buy a Star for Someone? 

You can buy a star package to name a star with International Star Registry (ISR) by visiting This unique service can make for a thoughtful, personalized gift or gesture for someone special…(more) 

Buying Stars for People Around the World 

If I order a star gift for someone overseas, when will it arrive? 

Orders overseas take 1 – 2 weeks to arrive depending on Customs. There is also a digital version with can arrive via email after 1 business day. Orders sent outside of the US are shipped within 2 business days from our offices in Illinois via International Service. In most cases packages will arrive at the destination in 7-10 business days. You will receive your tracking number in your email when your package ships. If you do not see it in your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder. 

How to Purchase a Star? 

You can purchase a star package at The act of purchasing a star taps into our enduring fascination with the cosmos. The stars are not owned, but you can hitch any special name to a star. If you are looking for a truly wonderful way to send a unique and meaningful gift, International Star Registry (ISR), available at, allows you to name a star, this creates a unique, personal connection with the night sky… (more) 

Can I pick a star that is visible from Europe, North America, and China? 

Yes, there are constellations visible from all of those areas. Because these places are all situated north of the Equator, any of the northern constellations, and most of the equatorial constellations are visible from all of these places. 

How do I name a star in a constellation that is visible from Australia, North America, and Europe?

You can choose an equatorial constellation that is visible from throughout the world. When you name a star after someone, there are many terrific choices viewable from the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres. You may choose to name a star in the recipient’s zodiac sign or choose from many equatorial constellations, including Canis Major, Orion, Ophiuchus, Scutum, Sextans, Lepus, Monoceros, Aquila, and Ophiuchus. Residents of Canada and Northern Europe may have difficulty finding some of these constellations along the southern horizon. We recommend the constellation Orion for them as a winter constellation choice, since the bright stars of the belt make the constellation easy to locate. In the Summer months, consider Aquila the Eagle which shines from the Milky Way! 

How is my star name recorded?

What is the best star naming site? 

The authentic and most respected star naming company is International Star Registry. International Star Registry pioneered the concept of naming stars in 1979 and still produces the only permanent published star catalog…(more)

Are the other companies I find on the internet the same?

No, the other websites you see on the internet are not affiliated with International Star Registry in any way. Shopping on the internet can be tricky due to the number of overseas websites buying advertising and impersonating American companies. There are several imposter companies using our trademarks that are not affiliated with Star Registry at all. Each star we name is unique and is only named once. We produce the only permanent published catalog of named stars in the world. Our world-famous certificate hangs proudly in millions of homes around the globe. We have been featured in movies, on television, in newspapers, and in magazines around the world. Our 45 year old company is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. 

Can you Name a Star? 

Yes, International Star Registry (ISR), provides individuals with an opportunity to name a star in the sky. ISR has named over 3 million stars for celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals over the last 45 years…(more) 

When I name a star, how long is it named for?

Your star will be named forever in the permanent star catalog. By publishing all of the star names with their telescopic coordinates, we have selected the most enduring method of recordation available. Each star name is permanently recorded in our book Your Place in the Cosmos©. The book is registered with the US Copyright Office and a copy of the book is stored in a vault in Switzerland. Additionally, we maintain your name in our database in perpetuity. 

Where is the catalog of stars registered? 

The catalog of star is registered in the US Copyright Office. The Copyright Office registers book, but does not name stars. The star names are all recorded in a unique star compendium called “Your Place in the Cosmos” which is published and registered with the copyright office of the United States of America. The Library of Congress Catalog No. for these volumes is 84-63015. The US Copyright Office does not name stars, it registers books. It is Located in Washington D.C. Additionally, the books are printed and permanently stored in our vault in Switzerland as an extra level of security.  

How many stars are named? 

Over 3 million stars have been named since 1979. Stars have been named for holidays, special occasions and as memorials. This is the perfect gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and newborns. 

Is Naming a Star Legitimate? 

Yes,, the official website of International Star Registry (ISR), allows individuals to name a star. ISR maintains the only published catalog of these named stars, which is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  The registration in the Copyright Office provides copyright protection to ISR’s published listing which is a scientifically accurate, and valid listing of stars…(more) 

Star Locations and Star Naming 

What is the Official Site for Naming Stars? is the official website of International Star Registry. Since 1979, International Star Registry has named over 3 million stars and has published multiple volumes of the star catalog ” Your Place in the Cosmos”. These volumes are registered with the  US Copyright office. There are several overseas firms attempting to impersonate International Star Registry, but stands as the most recognized site in the world for naming stars…(more) 

How do I name a star through NASA? 

NASA does not name stars, but Star Registry is proud to have been asked to name many stars in honor of NASA Space Centers, administrators, and astronauts. These include stars named in memory of astronauts of the Space Shuttles Columbia and Challenger in addition to Mercury and Apollo astronauts. The International Star Registry catalog of stars, “Your Place in the Cosmos”, contains many stars named for NASA staff and institutions. 

How do I name a star in a specific area of the sky? 

International Star Registry staff will be glad to assist you. The sky is mapped into 88 constellations, and you may select any constellation you like. Zodiac signs are very popular. There are also many other constellations familiar to avid stargazers! If you cannot choose a constellation, don’t despair, we will be happy to select a constellation for you viewable from your location. If you are trying to name a star near the star named after a loved one, call our helpful staff. We are always happy to assist. We can find the original star location and arrange for custom charting to the newly named star.  

Can I pick a star location near another star? 

Yes, International Star Registry offers custom charting. Many people would like to have the star they name near one named previously. Our staff is always happy to help. Please email our Customer Service department at [email protected] or phone us at 1-800-282-3333 for assistance. When ordering online, you may indicate your preference in the field marked “Ship Notes”. What is a star constellation or area of the sky that means the most to you? We are happy to find an unnamed star located as close to that area as possible! 

How to Buy a Star in the Sky? 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to this process: (more) 

There is a star number on my International Star Registry certificate. What is this? 

The numbers on your certificate are the telescopic coordinates of the star you have named. More precise telescopic coordinates are also shown on the white sky chart.  
What is a star coordinate’s meaning? 
Just as locations on the Earth are indicated using Latitude and Longitude, stars in the sky are mapped using Right Ascension (RA) and Declination (D). 
The Right Ascension of the star indicates the position of the star east to west in the sky. The Declination of the star indicates its position north to south. 
Measurement of Right Ascension is made in hours, minutes and seconds, with the 0/24 hour mark occurring at the “First point of Aries”.  
Measurement of Declination is made in degrees, hours, and minutes. The 0 degree marks the “Celestial Equator” (Roughly the northern most star in the belt of Orion) and extends 90 degrees north to the celestial North Pole (roughly the North Star) and -90 degrees south to the celestial South Pole. 
As the Earth moves around the sun, the appearance of the stars at night will change with the season. This is why there are summer constellations and winter constellations. 

Can I see my zodiac constellation from the U.S.? 

Yes, zodiac signs are also called “sun signs”. The location of the sun throughout the course of the year aligns with the locations of the 12 zodiac constellations. All of the zodiac constellations can be seen from the US. 

Is there a scientific number for my star?

Yes, there is a Guide Star Catalog Number for stars named beginning in the 1990s. All of the stars we name are derived from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog, a resource of about 20,000,000 stars. If you would like the GSC number of a star you have named, customer service will be happy to help. When you name a star through International Star Registry NASA will continue to use their own designation rather than these star names. 

What is the visual magnitude of my star, and how do I find it? 

You will find the magnitude of the star printed on the bottom of your white star chart. The magnitude of the stars available for naming varies depending on the population of stars in a constellation and the popularity of the constellation. Some of the constellations that are viewable from the northern hemisphere but are not chosen frequently, such as Lacerta and Vulpecula have stars available that are about 11.5 – 12 magnitudes. Constellations away from the Milky Way have lower concentrations of stars and therefore smaller stars available to name. 

Can I buy a visible star that can be seen with the naked eye? 

No. The visible stars have all been named. Although there are some impostor websites claiming to name “only visible stars” or “extra bright” stars, the human eye can only see stars brighter than magnitude 6. Every star named with International Star Registry is unique and will keep that name for eternity. Just as the star you name today will never be renamed, we cannot offer you a star that has been named for someone else. There are only about 9000 visible stars under the very best of conditions, and there are no unnamed visible stars. When you order, you will be naming a star that is visible using a telescope or good binoculars. The greatest impediment to seeing your star is Light Pollution . You may also email Customer Service and we can send you a link to find your star online using “Worldwide Telescope”. The precise telescopic coordinates, the names of the stars and the visual magnitude are printed on every International Star Registry star chart. 


How do I find my star? 

International Star Registry has an online search page and all of the star named can be located in our Copyrighted star catalog. Once a star is named, it is named forever. All the star names are recorded in a series of astronomical catalogs called “Your Place in the Cosmos” which is permanently published and copyrighted in the US Copyright office. We also have a convenient Online Search Page. You can find the record of the star you named [email protected] 

Will the scientific community recognize my star name? 

No. Individuals cannot name stars for scientific use and that is not the purpose of our star catalog.  There are dozens of numeric star catalogs and for scientific use only stars named through the IAU are recognized by scientists. “Your Place in the Cosmos” is a unique alphabetical star catalog created to allow every star lover to feel a personal connection to the stars above. This catalog is a permanent, lasting way to offer everyone the chance to attach their name to a star in the heavens. 

How much does it cost to name a star?  

Naming a star stars at $29.95 for a digital package and $59 for a printed package from International Star Registry. There are also a variety of framing options and other upgrades available. Naming stars through the platform provided by International Star Registry (ISR) via is a service that over 3 million people have enjoyed. (more) 

Other Commonly Asked Questions 

Can you Name a Star? 

Yes,, the official website of International Star Registry (ISR), provides individuals everywhere with an opportunity to name a star. ISR has named over 3 million stars for celebrities, dignitaries, and individuals over the last 45 years… (more) 

Is International Star Registry famous? 

Yes, International Star Registry has been featured in major publications, in movies, and on television for over 45 years! We introduced the world to star naming!  

Why is the dedication date range limited? 

The star names are permanently recorded by published and copyrighting the names in the next edition of the astronomical compendium. The date range for the star is limited by the chronological database of stars to be included in each edition.

How Much Does It Cost to Name a Star?

Although the opportunity is priceless, when asked “How much does it cost to name a star?” the answer is simple – Prices start at $59 for a printed package and $29.95 for a digital package at Naming stars through International Star Registry (ISR) via is a service that over 3 million people have enjoyed…(more)

Can You Buy a Star? 

You can buy a star package from International Star Registry starting at $29.95 for a package you print at home and $59 for a classic printed package which includes the famous International Star Registry parchment certificate. You cannot officially own the star (It’s too hot to handle!), but you can honor someone special by naming a star  through International Star Registry (ISR), via the official site,…(more)

Are other companies the same as International Star Registry? 

No. There are several imposter companies that are not affiliated with Star Registry at all. Each star we name is unique and is only named once. We produce the only permanent published catalog of named stars in the world. Our world famous certificate hangs proudly in millions of homes around the globe. We have been featured in movies, on television, in newspapers, and in magazines around the world. Our 45 year old company is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

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