Loletha "Lola" Falana: A Star on Earth and in the Heavens

Updated: December 13, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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A Star Name with Lola Falana

Star Date: December 25, 1985

Coordinates: Virgo RA 12h 56m 14.00s D-11° 14′ 0.00″

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Lola Falana: The Early Years

Lola Falana, born Loletha Elayne Falana on September 11, 1942, in Camden, New Jersey, was destined for greatness from a young age. She was the third of six children born to Bennett, a welder, and Cleo Falana, a seamstress. Lola’s father, an Afro-Cuban, had left Cuba to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps, later settling in the United States as a welder after meeting Cleo, who was African-American. At just three years old, Lola began to dance, and by the age of five, she was already singing in her church choir.

In 1952, Lola’s family, now with two more siblings, relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Even during her junior high school years, Lola was already captivating audiences with her dancing skills, often accompanied by her supportive mother. Her passion for pursuing a musical career burned so brightly that she made the daring decision to drop out of Germantown High School a few months before her scheduled graduation, embarking on a journey to New York City.

Lola Falana: The Rise to Stardom

In the bustling heart of New York City, Lola Falana’s dreams began to take shape. Her undeniable talent for singing and dancing quickly caught the eye of industry professionals, leading to her first breakthrough in the world of entertainment. Lola’s remarkable journey led her to become not only a star on Earth but also a shining presence in the heavens.

Lola Falana’s Stellar Career

Lola Falana’s career spanned across multiple facets of the entertainment industry. She achieved fame as an American singer, dancer, and actress. Her captivating performances on stage and screen earned her a dedicated fan base and numerous accolades.

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Lola Falana’s Star in the Constellation Virgo

Lola Falana’s star, located in the Virgo constellation, adds to the celestial beauty of the night sky. Virgo, one of the zodiac constellations, is known for its association with purity and grace. This celestial region is home to a multitude of stars, but none shine as brilliantly as the star named in honor of Lola Falana.

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In conclusion, Lola Falana’s legacy shines brightly in both the annals of entertainment history and the cosmos. She has left an indelible mark on the world, just as her star does in the Virgo constellation. Remember, you too can make a starry tribute through International Star Registry. Buy a star name today and let your love and admiration sparkle in the night sky.


Information on Lola Falana’s early life sourced from Wikipedia.

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