Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with N

Updated: January 16, 2024    Author: International Star Registry

Starregistry.com proudly features a select group of individuals whose last names begin with ‘N’ and have celestial stars named in their honor. These luminous stars serve as a lasting tribute to the contributions of noteworthy figures with ‘N’ surnames, making their mark in various fields. From accomplished actors and musicians to renowned scientists and visionaries, these celestial dedications celebrate the enduring legacies of those who share this distinctive initial. Explore the galaxy and discover the stars that honor these remarkable individuals, all with last names starting with ‘N.’

Alphabetized by Last Name

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Graham NashTaurus RA 4h 5m 7.00s D 17° 12′ 0.00″
Guy NattivGemini RA 6h 23m 10.36s D 19° 44′ 18.28″
Dave NavarroGemini RA 7h 34m 24.26s D 12° 43′ 38.83″
Judd NelsonCepheus RA 1h 23m 11.40s D 78° 36′ 15.78
Tracy NelsonUrsa Major RA 11h 15m 36.03s D 43° 14′ 30.81
Mike NesmithMonoceros RA 7h 13m 5.00s D-02° 2′ 0.00
George NewbernCapricornus RA 20h 7m 9.68s D-11° 15′ 48.20
Bob & Ginnie NewhartCygnus RA 21h 16m 13.00s D 31° 55′ 0.00
Paul L NewmanAquarius RA 21h 9m 57.27s D-10° 34′ 6.02″
Julie NewmamLeo RA 9h 35m 29.19s D 13° 49′ 26.69″
Stevie NicksGemini RA 7h 9m 42.00s D 32° 3′ 0.00″
Cody Nickson Cygnus RA 20h 52m 30.94s D 45° 44′ 32.33″
Leonard NimoyAries RA 2h 7m 21.26s D 22° 14′ 31.93″
NirvanaMonoceros RA 6h 31m 14.00s D 03° 13′ 0.00″
Chuck NorrisPhoenix RA 0h 33m 58.18s D-41° 22′ 9.62
NSyncUrsa Major RA 11h 1m 19.54s D 52° 52′ 23.50″
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