Add Hand Calligraphy to Your Name a Star Gift Package

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Firstly, there is no gift more heartfelt than naming a star. When you buy a star package, you can have your certificate expertly hand lettered with hand calligraphy. The star name you select will be hand drawn by one of our in-house staff artists. Your certificate will also be personalized with the date of dedication and the telescopic coordinates of the star. Hand lettered calligraphy is a perfect complement to your International Star Registry certificate.  

That’s why calligraphy is our most popular option!   


Suggestions from our calligraphers  

Our artists have years of experience creating these works of art.   


For best results: Avoid using all capital letters because the results can look uneven. Using both upper-and lower-case characters is the best option for the elegant flow of italic lettering.


Emoji Characters: We cannot create characters that are not part of the alphabet. This includes emoji characters.  


Other Special Characters: Quality results are our priority. Our calligraphers are based in the US and specialize in western alphabets. Greek, Korean, Chinese, Hebrew, and other alphabets are not available with the calligraphy option. 


Take care of your certificate: Please protect your lovingly crafted certificate from direct sunlight to minimize fading. 



Q. What is Calligraphy? 

A. Calligraphy differs from computer printing or handwriting. Calligraphers hand letter documents in a decorative style using special pens, brushes, or other tools. This artform has been treasured for centuries, with techniques being passed down through generations.  This skill is highly prized. A few of the hallmarks of fine calligraphy include consistent character heights and angles. It takes and skilled hand and an artistic eye to create letter forms that are pleasing to the eye.  These talented artisans hone their craft over years of study and practice. Hand calligraphy is preferred by many for creating beautiful documents.  As society has become more reliant on technology, computer printing has largely replaced this skill. Computer printers allow for quicker, cheaper production. As a result, these highly trained artisans are harder to find, and their work more highly valued. 

Q. What will my gift package look like? 

A. When International Star Registry was founded in 1979, every name a star certificate was personized by hand. We still offer this option for those who appreciate the traditional beauty of fine art.  Our staff artists have decades of experience creating uniquely hand lettered certificates. Name a star and choose calligraphy to create an elegant conversation piece for your home. Hand lettering has been second nature to us for over 40 years.  Your certificate will be personalized as pictured on the website. Our staff will complete your certificate by hand. Our artists use a modified italic style for beauty and readability.  When you name a star, every gift pack includes the famous International Star Registry parchment certificate. Each customer also receives a personal star chart, plus a booklet about astronomy and a letter.  Adding the unique touch of hand calligraphy makes your gift even more special. 

Q. How do I Name a Star with Hand Calligraphy? 

A. We offer calligraphy as an option on the order page when you buy a star package. You will be asked for the name of the star and dedication date. There is a check box to select calligraphy. If you decline calligraphy, your certificate will created with a decorative computer font rather than by hand. 

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