Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with K

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On starregistry.com, you can explore a fascinating list of individuals who have had stars named after them, all sharing the unique distinction of having last names that begin with ‘K.’ These celestial honorees encompass a diverse range of accomplished individuals from various fields, including entertainment, science, and sports. The celestial heavens now bear witness to the luminous legacies of these remarkable figures, whose contributions to our world have left an indelible mark. From iconic actors to renowned scientists and celebrated athletes, the stars above shine brightly in tribute to their enduring impact on our planet and beyond.

Alphabetized by Last Name

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Andy KaufmanOrion RA 5h 14m 32.00s D-07° 0′ 0.00
Anthony KiedisAuriga RA 5h 41m 33.91s D 48° 34′ 37.06
Arielle KebbelHercules RA 17h 55m 17.40s D 49° 51′ 53.22
Calvin KleinHercules RA 16h 59m 50.00s D 24° 59′ 0.00″
Coretta Scott KingAries RA 2h 30m 21.18s D 10° 52′ 46.06″
David KeuningLeo RA 9h 47m 47.00s D 16° 34′ 0.00″
Dr Martin Luther King JrUrsa Minor RA 15h 27m 43.00s D 77° 4′ 0.00
Grace KellyAquarius RA 20h 44m 40.41s D-08° 53′ 22.85″
Hakeem Kae KazimLibra RA 14h 34m 45.21s D-17° 47′ 41.93″
Jane KrakowskiCygnus RA 21h 4m 11.15s D 41° 47′ 34.95
Joey KingAndromeda RA 23h 47m 45.31s D 33° 41′ 40.39
Joey KramerOrion RA 5h 56m 11.00s D 08° 59′ 0.00″
John & Carolyn KennedyUrsa Major RA 12h 3m 33.90s D 56° 35′ 7.02
John KoonzAries RA 2h 32m 59.64s D 30° 10′ 0.52″
Kristin KreukLeo Minor RA 10h 49m 12.07s D 33° 20′ 33.44
Lenny KayeBootes RA 14h 53m 7.92s D 48° 26′ 54.50
Lenny KravitzGemini RA 6h 56m 16.73s D 25° 20′ 41.58″
Lisa KudrowUrsa Major RA 12h 56m 51.39s D 56° 14′ 3.70″
Marta KauffmanUrsa Major RA 9h 49m 20.77s D 59° 15′ 44.44″
Martin Luther King Ursa Minor RA 15h 27m 43.00s D 77° 4′ 0.00″
Michael KeatonComa Berenices RA 12h 46m 8.00s D 26° 52′ 0.00
Nicole KidmanCrux RA 12h 45m 24.41s D-58° 58′ 33.78
Sam KinisonPerseus RA 4h 6m 20.00s D 49° 11′ 0.00
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