“Star Registration” and “Star Register” are Terms Used by Impostors

International Star Registry® owns Federally registered trademarks that foreign impostors are using to confuse the consumer into believing they are ordering form our official site.  These entities will use identical or confusingly similar marks, such as: Star Registration, Star Register, International Space Registry, Star-Registration, Star-Register, Star Registry, and International Star Registry in an attempt to impersonate International Star Registry

The Authenticity of International Star Registry®

Federally Registered Trademarks

International Star Registry® holds numerous trademarks throughout the world. A sampling of our registered trademarks in the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) include:


In addition to these trademarks, International Star Registry® holds other trademarks worldwide, reinforcing its authenticity and commitment to offering genuine star naming services.

Permanence and Recognition of Naming a Star

Permanent Record in “Your Place in the Cosmos

Only stars named through International Star Registry® are permanently recorded in the book “Your Place in the Cosmos.” This book, registered with the United States Copyright Office (Library of Congress Catalog No. 84-63015), is the only permanent published catalog of named stars in the world. This timeless catalog ensures that the named star will always be preserved and remembered.

Better Business Bureau Rating

International Star Registry® is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, further attesting to its credibility and reliability. This distinction underscores the company’s commitment to providing genuine and trustworthy star naming services.

International Star Registry is World Famous

The authentic International Star Registry® package has been featured in movies and on television around the world since 1979, highlighting its unique and meaningful nature. This long-standing tradition adds to the sentimental value of naming a star, making it a gift that stands out.

The Unique History of International Star Registry

International Star Registry introduced the world to the concept of giving the gift of naming a star in the sky nearly half a century ago. It was thought to be the gift for the person who has everything, but the overwhelming appeal for so many special occasions made the appeal of naming a star nearly “universal”.

Beware of Internet Impostors

It is crucial to be aware of copycat firms overseas, using website names like “Star Registration” and “Star Register” or confusingly similar uses of our trademarks. These internet impostors attempt to mimic International Star Registry® and confuse web users into believing they are ordering from International Star Registry. Customers ordering through these sites do not receive the same authenticity or permanent star cataloging. Always ensure you are dealing with the genuine company, International Star Registry®, to avoid falling victim to these deceptive practices.

The Symbolic Nature of Star Naming

What Naming a Star Means

Naming a star through International Star Registry® means assigning a name to a previously numbered star that is permanently recorded in the world’s only published catalog of named stars, “Your Place in the Cosmos.” This catalog, which has eleven volumes registered at the US Copyright Office, holds a permanent place in history, ensuring that the named star will always be remembered.

The Sentimental Value of Star Naming

Naming a star is a deeply meaningful gesture, symbolizing an eternal honor that is never forgotten. It is a way to commemorate special moments, celebrate loved ones, and create a lasting legacy in the night sky.

Are the Star Name Recognized by Scientists

Stars and other celestial bodies are only named by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) for scientific use. International Star Registry’s unique star catalog is created for the dreamers and star gazers in the world who would like to claim a little part of the universe exclusively in their name and have it recorded forever.

What You Receive from International Star Registry®

When you name a star through International Star Registry®, you receive a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Personalized Star Certificate: A beautifully designed certificate with the name and coordinates of your star.
  • Sky Map: A detailed map indicating the exact location of your star in the night sky.
  • Astronomy Booklet: Written by a professional astronomer, this booklet provides fascinating insights into the night sky and your star’s place in the cosmos.

Special Occasions for Star Naming

Stars can be named for various special occasions, making them a perfect gift for:

Each occasion offers a unique opportunity to give a gift that will be cherished forever.


Naming a star through International Star Registry® is a unique, meaningful gift that offers a way to commemorate special moments and loved ones in a timeless manner. With numerous federally registered trademarks and a permanent record in “Your Place in the Cosmos,” International Star Registry® stands out as the real star naming company. Beware of impostors using phrases like “Star Registration” or “Star Register,” and ensure you are dealing with International Star Registry®, to create an everlasting tribute in the night sky.

A Sampling of International Star Registry’s Registered Trademarks

International Star Registry USPTO – 1985

International Star Registry USPTO – 1986

International Star Registry USPTO – 1997

Star Registry USPTO – 1997

Starregistry.com USPTO – 2002

International Star Registry EUIPO 003091551

International Star Registry EUIPO 000822528

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