Are you looking for a gift idea that shines above all others? We are constantly impressed by the calls we get from our past recipients. Countless people have had stars named as children and have never forgotten their special gift.  Many families have expanded on their original order and have made star naming a family tradition! What a great way to welcome a new child to the family or celebrate a wedding. As your family grows, you can create a constellation of named stars.

Naming a star as a holiday gift or birthday gift for a child is a wonderful educational gift. Each package includes a chart of the stars marked with the location of the star named for them. The package will also include a booklet about astronomy. This astronomy booklet is written exclusively for International Star Registry customers by a professional astronomer.

Naming a star is a great gift for graduates! A gold star is the symbol of excellence. From the time we are born, children are encouraged to “reach for the stars”.  Are you looking for the right gift for the free spirit in your life? There is nothing as romantic as naming a star. It makes the perfect gift for lovers, poets, authors, artists, and musicians.  Stars are also named as the most comforting bereavement gift in the universe. Knowing a star will continue to shine in memory of a loved one makes a meaningful memorial for many families.

Hitch the name of someone special to a star and it will be permanently recorded in Your Place in the Cosmos, the only published catalog of star names in the world!  Each volume of the book is registered at the copyright office of the United States of America. The books are also made available to purchase. It makes a wonderful family heirloom for future generations to refer to and enjoy.

Flowers, greeting cards, and candy are nice; when you buy a star kit to name a star for a loved one, your star gift will stand the test of time.  It’s an unforgettable gift that your recipient can enjoy forever. Give someone special an authentic International Star Registry® gift package and their name will be recorded forever.

Are you wondering how to name a star? Browse our site to discover the different star naming kits, gift ideas, and package options we have available. Buy a star kit to suit the unique style and décor of your recipient! Place your order today!