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International Star Registry® has been featured in movies and on television since 1979. Our stellar gift package has also been featured in newspapers, in magazines, and on media outlets worldwide. Beginning with the first stars named for celebrities and friends so many years ago, our unique star catalog “Your Place in the Cosmos” has become a “Who’s Who” in the Heavens. Check out some of our brightest celebrity stars HERE


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Movies and Television

From the small screen to the silver screen, International Star Registry started as a ground-breaking phenomenon and is now a well known part of popular culture. From classic television shows like “Cheers” to the heartfelt coming of age movie “A Walk to Remember“, naming a star is the ultimate honor. International Star Registry has also been featured talk shows like “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and “Ellen“.  Anderson Cooper presented John Cusack with a star in 2013. Our favorite family friendly scientist, Emily Calandrelli, The Space Gal, featured International Star registry on “Xploration Outer Space“.  Other shows have included “American Dad“, “TMZ“, plus favorite hit shows of the past century including “Family Matters” and “That’s Incredible”, The company has been featured on every major national network, plus Disney, Hallmark, ESPN, E!, and more. 


International Star Registry has appeared in Parade, New Yorker Magazine, Time, Newsweek, People Magazine in the 1980s and the 1990s, New Woman, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Day, Pacific Standard and dozens more. The unique attraction of naming a star in the sky has always appealed to reporters around the world looking for fascinating subjects that capture the imagination and attention of the reader. Whether writing about celebrity sightings, creating gift guides, or human interest stories about our fascinating business, few things have come along in the past half century that are as exciting and interesting as naming a star.

Momentous National Events

Interantional Star Registry has been called upon to name stars in memory of loved ones in the wake of many tragic event we have mourned together as a nation. We are honored to have been asked to name stars as a lasting tribute to both the brave and the innocent. This has included stars named for the First Responders following the horrific attack on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, and the crews of both the Space Shuttle Challenger and the Space Shuttle Columbia. We have also been asked to name stars for the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Pulse Nightclub shooting, the innocent lives lost at Robb Elementary in Uvalde Texas, and countless others. Stars have been named to honor the Granite Mountain Hotshots in Colorado, and the victims of the Carrollton Bus Crash. These stars named in loving Memory will continue to shine.


Hundreds of articles have been written about International Star Registy in some of the nation’s largest newspapers, by syndicated columnists, and in local papers across the country and around the world. These include articles in The Chicago Tribune, Christian Science Monitor, Arizona Republic, Dayton Daily News, New York Times, Newsday, Richmond News, Charlotte Observer, Delaware State News and many more! The articles are varied and include suggestions to unique holiday gift, human stories of lives touched by the gift of a star, and even stories about the origin of our company and some of the many remarkable historic events we have been a part of.

Online News and Blogs

Online news outlets have written about the many facets of International Star Registry from outlets like, Medium, Wired and more. Some articles include stories of popular advertising campaigns For companies like Jack-in-the-Box, Disney, Sprint, Jet-Puffed, and Heineken that have included our company as a primary component, some are gift guides for shoppers seeking a truly unique custom gift, and some are celebrity news, touching personal stories, insights, and amusing anecdotes. Many online articles and celebrity fan pages also pertain to the celebrities we have been asked to name stars for, and for shows or movies that include us.

Press and Movie Releases

From upcoming holiday announcement and new product offerings, to spectacular movie releases, here’s a brief sampling of ISR’s Press releases over the decades!

Name a star with International Star Registry and become a part of our rich history. 

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