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Represented as the champion, Hercules is the fifth largest constellation in the sky. It is viewable throughout the northern hemisphere and up to 50 degrees south of the equator. Hercules is a summer constellation. The best time for viewing is in June. The major asterism in Hercules represents the entire character of the champion. The four center stars that form the body are also known as “the Keystone”. asterism.   The nearest constellations to Hercules are Aquila, Boötes, Corona Borealis, Draco, Lyra, , Sagitta, Serpens Cauda and Vulpecula 

Hercules is one of the most popular constellations for people that wish to name a star. Some of the stellar recipients include: Ryan-Gosling, Barry Manilow, Daniel Craig, Elton John, Vince Vaughn, and George Corley Wallace Governor. Click here for more information.


Symbol: Her 

Right Ascension: 05:18 

Declination: 28 

Diameter (°): 27 

Area (square °): 1225 

Opposition: Jun 11 

Size Rank: 5th 

Brightness Rank: 22nd 

Genitive: Herculis 


Major or notable stars in Hercules  

Kornephoros – β Herculis (Beta Herculis) 

ζ Herculis (Zeta Herculis) 

Sarin – δ Herculis (Delta Herculis) 

π Herculis (Pi Herculis) 

Rasalgethi – α Herculis (Alpha Herculis) 

Marfak Al Jathih Al Aisr – μ Herculis (Mu Herculis) 

Sophian – η Herculis (Eta Herculis) 

ξ Herculis – (Xi Herculis) 

γ Herculis (Gamma Herculis) 

ι Herculis (Iota Herculis) 

Atia – o Herculis (Omicron Herculis) 

109 Herculis 

Rukbalgethi Genubi – θ Herculis (Theta Herculis) 

Rukbalgethi Shemali – τ Herculis (Tau Herculis) 

Cujam – ε Herculis (Epsilon Herculis) 

Maasym – λ Herculis (Lambda Herculis) 

v Herculis (Nu Herculis) 

Kajam – ω Herculis (Omega Herculis) 

Marsic – κ Herculis (Kappa Herculis) 

89 Herculis 

14 Herculis 

Gliese 651 – HD 154345 

HD 155358 

HD 147506 

Gliese 623 

Gliese 649 

Gliese 661 

GSC 02620-00648 A 

GSC 03089-00929 

Deep Sky Objects in Hercules  

The Great Globular Cluster – Messier 13 (M13, NGC 6205)  

Messier 92 (M92, NGC 6341) 

Hercules Cluster (Abell 2151) 

Abell 39 

Abell 2199 

Arp 272 – NGC 6050 and IC 1179 

NGC 6166 

Hercules A 

NGC 6210


Mythology of the Constellation Hercules  

Hercules, the champion, was the son of Zeus (Jupiter) and the name means “The Glory of Hera”. In most myths, he was the son of a human woman. Through his father Zeus’ trickery, he suckled the milk of Hera and became immortal. Hera (Juno) was enraged and vexed him throughout his childhood. The birth of Hercules is said to have been attended with many miraculous events in Thebes. Before he was nine months old, Hera sent two snakes to devour him.  

Hercules was powerful even as a baby. He boldly seized the snakes and squeezed them to death. His brother, Iphicles, alerted the household with frightful shrieks. Iphicles, The Helpful, he was called! Hercules was instructed early in the liberal arts. He was the pupil of the centaur, Chiron. He became the most valiant and accomplished of all the heroes of antiquity.  The Oracle of Apollo sent Hercules to serve the king of Mycenae, Eurystheus. This service was to last 12 years and there were 12 great feats required. His first feat was to subdue the Nemean Lion of Cithaeron (Leo). He is often shown wearing the pelt of the beast. He slew Hydra, the nine headed monster, and all of the feats given to him. 

According to myth, Hercules set other tasks for himself. He is credited for joining Jason and the Argonauts on Argo Navis to Colchis. He assisted the gods in their wars against the giants, and it was through him, alone, that Zeus obtained the victory. Then he conquered and pillaged Troy and killed King Laomedon.  It is said that in the end, he was unwittingly poisoned by an arrow dipped in the blood of Hydra. His father placed him into the heavens as a great group of stars. This group of stars is brightest in the summer sky and is known as the Hercules Constellation. 


Q. What is the brightest star’s name in Hercules? 

The brightest star in Hercules is α Herculis, with the common name of Rasalgethi.  

Q. How big is Hercules? 

Covering 1225.1 square degrees and 2.970% of the night sky, it ranks fifth among the 88 constellations in size.  

Q. What is Hercules’ Story? 

A staple of mythology, the hero Hercules has a strange celestial story. Read above! 

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