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Last Name Begins with G

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

At StarRegistry.com, we proudly offer a dazzling selection of stars named after notable individuals with last names beginning with ‘G’. These celestial tributes honor the achievements and contributions of renowned figures from various fields. From the world of entertainment, we have stars dedicated to the likes of Garbo, Grant, and Gable, paying homage to their iconic Hollywood legacies. In the realm of science, stars bear the names of Galilei and Gauss, celebrating their pioneering work in astronomy and mathematics. Furthermore, our list also includes stars named after prominent figures in history, such as the the political figures whose enduring legacies continue to inspire generations. Explore our celestial catalog to discover these and other luminous dedications to individuals whose last names start with ‘G.’

Alphabetized by Last Name

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Peter GabrielLynx RA 7h 34m 35.00s D 36° 40′ 0.00
James GandolfiniDraco RA 14h 46m 48.12s D 62° 20′ 37.68″
Jerry GarciaUrsa Major RA 9h 44m 35.26s D 57° 3′ 0.26
Judy GarlandCygnus RA 19h 50m 49.00s D 30° 3′ 0.00
James GarnerAries RA 2h 33m 14.00s D 13° 30′ 0.00″
Jennifer Anne GarnerAries RA 2h 46m 56.45s D 27° 15′ 19.12″
Joseph GattSagittarius RA 17h 50m 13.29s D-16° 13′ 56.96″
Sarah Michelle GellarMonoceros RA 6h 33m 18.00s D-00° 37′ 0.00
Red Gerard Aquila RA 18h 54m 13.54s D 01° 1′ 59.81
Liza & David GestEridanus RA 4h 22m 42.61s D-13° 39′ 18.65
Billy F GibbonsOrion RA 6h 2m 20.00s D 05° 21′ 0.00
Mel GibsonOrion RA 6h 15m 45.30s D 08° 9′ 8.57″
Vince GillAries RA 1h 51m 1.00s D 13° 25′ 0.00″
Sarah GilmanUrsa Major RA 8h 38m 41.10s D 55° 36′ 3.00″
Danny GloverHercules RA 18h 32m 49.07s D 20° 20′ 44.24
Ruth GordonHydra RA 13h 54m 0.00s D-23° 0′ 0.00
Ryan GoslingHercules RA 17h 27m 20.67s D 31° 30′ 52.64″
Robert GouletDraco RA 16h 41m 1.00s D 51° 21′ 0.00″
Jessica Graf Cygnus RA 20h 52m 30.94s D 45° 44′ 32.33″
Heather GrahamAndromeda RA 1h 18m 28.95s D 46° 25′ 34.08
Lauren GrahamAuriga RA 5h 41m 37.57s D 40° 20′ 12.56
Stewart GrangerTaurus RA 4h 7m 38.00s D 10° 43′ 0.00″
Sarah GreeneScorpius RA 16h 49m 39.38s D-41° 50′ 42.44
Melvin GreggVirgo RA 12h 17m 42.44s D-02° 53′ 48.87″
Adrian GrenierAries RA 2h 25m 44.79s D 21° 50′ 53.06″
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