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Name a Star After Someone Special!

We’ve named over 3,000,000 stars for royalty, celebrities & individuals. Name a star after someone with Star Registry®, founded in 1979. 

When you choose to buy a star for someone, you’ll be presented with the authentic International Star Registry® certificate.  

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Star Kits
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Celebrity Stars
Wish Upon a Star Teddy Bear in the gift box it is presented with.
Wish Upon a Star

When you Name a Star, it Will be Recorded Forever

International Star Registry® (ISR) pioneered the extraordinary concept of naming a star in the sky as a personalized gift. We’ve continued this tradition for over 45 years and have published ten volumes of our star catalog, Your place in the Cosmos, which lists the unique star names and their dedicated coordinates. The catalog is registered in the U.S. Copyright office within the Library of Congress.  We maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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NASA Guide Star Catalog

The stars named by Star Registry® are derived from the The NASA Guide Star Catalog. GSC is a comprehensive astronomical catalog that provides accurate positions, magnitudes, and other astrophysical parameters for millions of stars, designed to support the pointing system of the Hubble Space Telescope. It serves as a crucial resource for astronomers worldwide.

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Our Customers Love Us!

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Star Naming News!

We are the First and Foremost star naming company. We have been featured on telivision, in print, and on the radio. Including NBC, CBS. ABC, and many more

Naming a Star: A Guide to Buying a Star 

1. Select Your Star Naming Package

Start by choosing from a variety of star naming packages available. Whether you’re interested adding extra gifts like frames or jewelry, there’s a perfect option for everyone looking to buy a star. 

Father and son looking into the night sky and pointing to the star they named with International Star Registry.

2. Name Your Star

The most personal step is to provide the name you wish to give to your star. This could be anything meaningful to you, such as a loved one’s name, or an event that holds special value in your life. 

3. Choose a Constellation

For those wanting to add extra significance, we allow you to pick a constellation where your star is located. This makes your star easily identifiable, especially if it’s visible from your location at certain times of the year. 

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4. Complete Your Purchase​

Once you’ve personalized your star naming certificate and selected any additional gifts, finalize your purchase through the website. This step brings you closer to owning a piece of the cosmos. 

Accessories to Enhance Your "Buy a Star" Package

International Star Registry certificate being hand lettered with calligraphy. the certificate includes the star name, coordinates, and the date of dedication
Hand Lettered Calligraphy
Magnifying Glass shows stars named in International Star Registry's published catalog, "Your Place in the Cosmos." The magnifying glass is focused on Paul McCartney's star coordinates.
Your Place in the Cosmos - Star Naming Catalog
Sterling silver star ornament suspended by a red ribbon. The name and coordinates of a named star are engraved on the ornament
Personalized Engraving

Star Registry® offers an extensive selection of personalized add-ons to enhance “name a star” gift package, including hand-lettered calligraphy, custom engraving, and professional framing, ensuring your star gift package leaves the recipient “star struck”. Whether it’s a memorial, a heartfelt Christmas present, or a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, our “Buy a Star” gift package is a symbol of everlasting love and remembrance. Moreover, the star you name for that special someone will continue to shine eternally, joining the company of some of the world’s most famous people.

Celebrities Worldwide Have Been Gifted "Name a Star" Packages

Join the star names dedicated to celebrities, royalty, dignitaries, and countless individuals across the globe. Make your mark in the world’s sole enduring, published catalog of named stars through ISR. We believe the wonders of the universe should be accessible to everyone. By purchasing a star package, you grant the gift of the cosmos to anyone, forever commemorated in ‘Your Place in the Cosmos.’ This star catalog comprises 10 registered volumes with the U.S. Copyright Office. From the outset, the act of naming a star with International Star Registry has sparked global fascination. This collection of stars is a tribute to friends, family, dreamers, lovers, and heroes in our lives.

I am impressed with the quality of the frame work the easy to read instructions and thanks for allowing me to give such a wonderful gift. I will be buying more.
This is the most unique gift I’ve EVER given. I named 8 stars for family and friends for the holidays!!! They ALL loved it!!!...
I have used this company for almost ten years. The star packages are beautifully done and absolutely worth the money. Additionally, their customer service is amazing...

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Buy a Star: A Gift for Any Occasion

From childhood, we’ve been encouraged to “Reach for the Stars!” – a timeless aspiration that now makes for a remarkable gift. Naming a star is the perfect gesture for various occasions. Explore our special occasions page for inspiration and touching stories related to buying a star. We also offer a wide array of enhancements to personalize your “name a star” gift. ISR has even crafted a unique toy allowing children to name their very own star and make a heartfelt wish. So, join us on this journey and name a star after someone truly special.

Benefits of Naming a Star 

  • Sentimental Value: Naming a star offers a unique and lasting gift option for special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or memorials. 
  • Personal Connection to the Cosmos: By choosing to name a star, you create a personal bond with the universe, sparking curiosity and wonder about the vastness of space. 
  • Educational Opportunity: This process provides a fantastic way to learn more about astronomy, stars, constellations, and the science behind them when you buy a star. 
  • A Lasting Legacy: The idea of having a star named after you or someone dear ensures a legacy that can outlast lifetimes, as stars endure for billions of years. 
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