The Ultimate Guide to Name a Star and Buy a Star Package

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The Story of International Star Registry

Unlocking the Wonders of the Universe Since 1979

The History of Star Naming

We have always been dazzled by the stars.

In 1979, International Star Registry embarked on a pioneering journey to make the heavens above accessible to everyone. With the revolutionary idea to name stars in the sky for real people, we created a memorable and timeless gift.

Starting at the kitchen table, the company grew quickly. The magic of star naming appealed to people everywhere and for every occasion. Soon magazines, radio stations, and newspapers spread the word about International Star Registry, calling it “The Most Unique Gift in the Universe” and “The Hottest Holiday Gift” of the season.

As the company grew, our famous brand and star certificate were featured in movies and on television, becoming a household name and appearing in bastions of popular culture like the final episodes of Cheers, People Magazine, and the romantic movie A Walk to Remember.

International Star Registry Today

Nearly a half century later, customers who buy a star package still receive the authentic Star Registry® certificate that is proudly displayed in homes worldwide, symbolizing the enduring bond between humanity and the stars. Over 3,000,000 sparkling stars in the sky have been named, creating luminous connections between individuals, families, and the cosmos.

We are honored to have named stars for many historical figures. Our list of recipients includes celebrities, royalty, dignitaries, rock stars, athletes, presidents, astronauts, and everyday individuals who have stars named through International Star Registry, becoming cherished symbols of love, celebration, and remembrance.

Most importantly, we are proud to have become a part of countless family traditions spanning decades. Families have named stars to welcome each child and grandchild, to memorialize lost loved ones, honor graduates, and celebrate any of life’s milestones.

Give us a Call

We don’t outsource your phone call. Just as we did last century, we are still happy to pick up the phone. The friendly staff here will walk you through an order, offer customer service support, and answer your questions.

Call 800-282-3333 or 847-546-5533 to reach our office staff directly during regular business hours. We will also return your after-hours messages or emails promptly.

How Are Stars Named

The gift of naming a star is an unforgettable way to honor a myriad of occasions including birthdays, holiday gifts, Valentine’s Day presents, and engagements. Stars have been christened in celebration of the joyous birth of a child and the solemn remembrance of loved ones lost.

As stewards of this privilege, we approach the task of naming stars with reverence and dedication. As a lasting record of every unique star, we include your name in the only permanent, published catalog of named stars in the world, “Your Place in the Cosmos”, with 11 volumes copyrighted since our inception.

We derive the star coordinates from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog (GSC), ensuring authenticity and exclusivity. Once a star is named, it is removed from our inventory and will never be named again, preserving its significance for eternity.

How Does Star Naming Work?

Historically, humanity has felt a profound connection to the universe, assigning names and meanings to the stars overhead for thousands of years. The stars have been a source of fascination for people from all walks of life in every society, including storytellers, lovers, and artists.

We found that dozens of valid star catalogs had been created over the centuries. Many major stars have been given multiple names in different catalogs and cultures. A single star can be known as “The North Star”, “Polaris”, “α Ursae Minoris”, “Dhruva”, “Wičháȟpi Owáŋžila”, “κυνόσουρα”, “The Pole Star”, “Lodestar”, and more. The International Astronomical Union (IAU) established their own naming protocol in 1919 to establish uniformity among scientists and countries.

International Star Registry recognized that star naming had also been practiced by people who are not astronomers, including story tellers, poets, artists, parents, romantics, and others over the centuries with a love of the cosmos. We pioneered a new approach by cataloging stars alphabetically rather than listing them numerically by size and location.

The star catalog we created, called “Your Place in the Cosmos,” serves as an enduring physical record pairing named stars with their unique locations. 11 volumes have been published and registered in the United States Copyright Office. Library of Congress Catalog No. 84-63015

Who Owns the Stars?

We believe the stars cannot be owned by anyone. Stars hold their own special magic and a deep emotional meaning for many different reasons. The star catalog we create is not intended for scientific use by astronomers.

Our catalog is a lasting record which is one of a kind. The personal significance of star naming transcends limitations. Stars possess an intrinsic magic and emotional significance for individuals worldwide, regardless of cultural and geographical boundaries. Our mission is to preserve and celebrate this universal connection with the cosmos for everyone by offering a personalized and meaningful star naming experience.

What Comes in a Star Package?

With every star package, you’ll receive our iconic International Star Registry Certificate, a timeless work of art printed on parchment paper and personalized just for you. Featured in popular culture for decades, this colorful certificate symbolizes the eternal connection between you and your named star. It also symbolizes that the star you named is recorded forever.

Additionally, each customer receives a personalized star map indicating the star’s location. It’s imprinted with precise telescopic coordinates, the date of dedication, and the star name. The location of the newly named star is circled in red.

There’s also a fascinating full-color booklet about the stars written exclusively for ISR customers by a professional astronomer, plus a letter of congratulations or memoriam.

You can choose from professional framing options, so your star package arrives carefully boxed and ready to display on the wall. Framing makes for a spectacular presentation and is a great convenience. With a variety of options, you can select the perfect style to suit your budget and décor.

In keeping with our tradition of craftsmanship, you can have your certificate personalized in hand-lettered calligraphy by our staff artist. You can also add beautiful items engraved with your star name and coordinates, such as sterling silver jewelry and star ornaments.

For a truly immersive experience, opt for the Photographic Sky Image, featuring the named star’s location on a stunning 12” x 16” photograph of the constellation. If you are framing your star package, you can also choose to have the Photographic Sky Image framed to match.

Choosing a Constellation

When you buy a star package, you have the freedom to name a star in any of the 88 recognized constellations, including the 12 zodiac signs. The zodiacs are popular choices for milestone birthdays. Other constellations may symbolize animals, mythological characters, and fantastic creatures. If you are not familiar with the night sky, our support staff will automatically select a constellation viewable from your country at no extra charge.

Our dedicated phone staff can also assist by arranging to chart multiple stars together. There is no charge for this world-class service. Creating a special group of up to eight stars together is ideal for families seeking to create lasting connections among named stars.

Charting two stars together also makes a favorite gift for wedding and anniversary couples, and stars can be added to the star group as your family grows. It’s a perfect symbol of infinite love, knowing your stars will continue to shine together in the night sky.

Gifts of Remembrance

Many stars have been named in loving memory as an eternal marker in the heavens. During times of loss, there are few gifts as comforting as letting a family member know that a star named in memory will always be shining overhead. Hundreds of thousands of stars have been named as bereavement gifts, and each unique star is recorded forever.

We are honored to continually name stars in loving memory for organizations around the US, including many chapters of the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Hospice Organizations, Support Groups, Veterinarians, and others.

Occasions of Historical Significance

We have truly been honored to be a part of innumerable historic events since 1979. Stars have been named to commemorate some of history’s most memorable moments, including wedding gifts for celebrities and royalty. Gifts for presidential inaugurations, and celebrations of championship achievements.

Stars have also been named as poignant memorials during times of national mourning. Some of these include honoring the hundreds of heroic first responders lost on 9/11 and the courageous astronauts aboard the space shuttles Challenger and Columbia.

Our Customer Service Staff

At International Star Registry, we are more than just a company—we are a family. When you call 800-282-3333 or 847-546-5533, you’ll be speaking directly with our dedicated team in Northbrook, IL. We take joy in assisting each customer during regular business hours, ensuring that every star naming experience is personalized and memorable.

It’s always a thrill when a star is named after a celebrity, or by a celebrity. Naming a star is a perfect gift for someone in the entertainment industry or the person who has everything.

But we are most thrilled when we get calls from customers who received a star as a child and would like to carry on the tradition by buying a star package to name a star for their own child… or grandchild! It’s heartwarming to know that the gift of receiving a star has had such a lasting impact.

As long-time members of the BBB with an A+ rating, we are committed to delivering exceptional service and spreading the wonder of the universe, one star at a time.

Unlock the magic of the galaxies with International Star Registry. Name a star today and create a timeless connection to the cosmos that will shine bright for generations to come.




Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and wished you could name a star? Thanks to the visionary concept introduced by International Star Registry (ISR), you can turn that dream into reality. ISR pioneered the practice of naming stars as a gift, opening up the cosmos to people worldwide. Since its inception in 1979, ISR has been committed to inclusivity and accessibility, allowing individuals from all corners of the globe to participate. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the fascinating world of naming and buying a star, shedding light on the process and the profound significance it holds.


The Birth of a Celestial Tradition

Before ISR entered the scene, astronomers and observatories worldwide had compiled their own star listings. In 1979, ISR saw an opportunity to create something unique – a catalog that would welcome anyone, regardless of their location or background, to name a star. The alpha-numeric listing system they introduced revolutionized the experience, enabling individuals to pay a fee and become part of this celestial catalog. In return, star buyers receive an exquisite gift package and the privilege of having their chosen star’s name immortalized in the world’s only published listing of named stars – “Your Place in the Cosmos,” registered in the U.S. Copyright Office.


A Star for Every Occasion

ISR’s celestial naming service has transcended boundaries, attracting a diverse array of clientele. From royalty and dignitaries to beloved celebrities and individuals from every corner of the globe, people have embraced the opportunity to name a star. The reasons are as varied as the stars themselves. Some wish to dedicate a star as a poignant memorial to a cherished loved one, while others seek to celebrate special milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, or the arrival of a new family member. Regardless of the occasion, there is no greater honor than bestowing a name upon a star. Each named star and its precise coordinates are meticulously documented in the hardcover compendium “Your Place in the Cosmos,” serving as a timeless record of each celestial namesake.


A Cosmic Tapestry of History

The practice of naming stars is deeply rooted in human history, spanning millennia. Early astronomers, storytellers, and mystics often christened stars based on ancient mythology, weaving celestial narratives into the night sky. From these early traditions emerged modern scientific catalogs, listing stars with precision. ISR, however, bridges the gap between ancient myth and contemporary astronomy, offering a unique opportunity to name a numbered star, thus preserving this rich heritage. The star names and telescopic coordinates are permanently etched into ISR’s copyrighted catalog, ensuring they are accessible to future generations. This cosmos comes to life through the famous full-color certificates, adorned with the star name and telescopic coordinates in elegant calligraphy, included in each star package. A complementary sky chart, indicating the star’s location with a prominent circle, enhances the celestial experience.


Democratizing the Cosmos

ISR firmly believes that the stars above do not belong exclusively to the scientific community but are a celestial heritage shared by all. While the International Astronomical Union (IAU) designates celestial names and classifications for scientific purposes, it does so infrequently and often does not recognize names from non-Western cultures. ISR’s mission is to make the cosmos accessible to everyone, transcending boundaries and providing an avenue for anyone to buy a star kit and name a numbered star. ISR meticulously records these names and coordinates, ensuring that future generations can locate these celestial gems with ease.


Guardians of Authenticity

In the vast expanse of the celestial naming universe, there are also impostors seeking to capitalize on the allure of the stars. Numerous companies have attempted to copy ISR’s trademarks or create variations of its name. It is crucial to differentiate between these impostors and International Star Registry. The stars they claim to name are not recorded with ISR, leaving no lasting records. Many of these firms have accepted payments only to vanish, leaving their celestial promises unfulfilled. Alarmingly, some impostors claim to name more stars than are visible in the night sky.


The ISR Seal of Authenticity

International Star Registry stands as the vanguard of authenticity and permanence in the realm of celestial naming. It is the sole entity worldwide to produce a permanently published and copyrighted listing of named stars. ISR’s dedication to authenticity is reaffirmed by the registration of ten volumes of its star catalog with the United States Copyright Office. The star coordinates are meticulously derived from the NASA Hubble Guide Star Catalog, ensuring unparalleled precision and accuracy. Importantly, each star is named only once, preserving the uniqueness of each celestial entity.


ISR’s Commitment to Excellence

With its headquarters in the United States, ISR is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau, boasting an esteemed A+ rating. This recognition underscores ISR’s unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and service. ISR’s dedication to its mission, combined with its pledge to authenticity, has earned it the trust and admiration of countless individuals around the world.



International Star Registry has redefined stargazing, transforming it from a distant pastime into a personal, meaningful, and accessible endeavor. The opportunity to name a star is no longer confined to astronomers or scientists; it belongs to anyone with a sense of wonder and a desire to connect with the cosmos. ISR has made this possible, offering the chance to buy a star kit and forever link a loved one, a cherished memory, or a special occasion to a celestial entity. These named stars are not just points of light in the night sky; they are a part of a broader cosmic tapestry, and ISR invites us all to be a part of it. So, look up at the stars, choose your celestial companion, and join the legacy of International Star Registry in Your Place in the Cosmos.

Library of Congress Number and ISBN information for every volume of your Place in the Cosmos.

Library of Congress Catalog number. 84-63015

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume I. Total Pages 530; ISBN-13: 9780961435400 (1985)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume II. Total Pages 508; ISBN-13: 9780961435417 (1992)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume III. Total Pages 388; ISBN-13: 9780961435424(1992)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume IV. Total Pages 502; ISBN-13: 9780961435431 (1996)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume V. Total Pages 680; ISBN-13: 9780961435448 (1999)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VI. Total Pages 717; ISBN-13: 9780961435455 (2002)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VII. Total Pages 773; ISBN-13: 9780961435462(2004)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume VIII. Total Pages 652; ISBN-13:9780961435479(2007)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume IX. Total Pages 943; ISBN-13: 9780961435486 (2013)

Your Place in the cosmos, Volume X. Total Pages 738; ISBN-13: 9780961435493 (2017)


Q. Can I purchase the book Your Place in the Cosmos?

A. The book is made available for purchase every 4-5 years.

Q. How long does it take to name a star?

A. It only takes a few minutes through this website, or call 800-282-3333

Q. Can I choose a star located in the same constellation as a friend or family member?

A. Yes, simply let us know the constellation you want and we will include it at no extra cost.

NOTICE: There are overseas websites using nearly identical variations of our trademarks, e.g. “star registration”, “”, “star register”, “”, “register a star”, and others. These firms are not affiliated with International Star Registry, founded in 1979.

INTERNATIONAL STAR REGISTRY®, STAR REGISTRY® and STARREGISTRY.COM® are registered trademarks of International Star Registry of Illinois, creator of the only published and copyrighted catalog of named stars in the world.

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