Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with Z

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Starregistry.com proudly offers a unique opportunity for stargazing enthusiasts to discover stars with names beginning with ‘Z’. Among the notable individuals with stars named after them on our celestial canvas, you’ll find accomplished personalities like actor Zellweger, musician Zappa, and director Zemeckis. These luminous dedications to famous figures with ‘Z’ as the initial letter of their last names bring an extra twinkle to the night sky, making it a truly memorable experience for those who choose to immortalize their favorite celebrities in the vast expanse of the cosmos. Explore the galaxy and honor these iconic ‘Z’ names by naming a star with us today!

Alphabetized by Last Name

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Moon ZappaEridanus RA 4h 54m 9.34s D-05° 51′ 19.29″
Renee ZellwegerCassiopeia RA 0h 44m 31.45s D 57° 48′ 37.74″
Robert ZemeckisUrsa Major RA 12h 2m 1.00s D 54° 55′ 0.00″
Efrem Zimbalist IIICepheus RA 21h 28m 0.00s D 80° 0′ 0.00″
Efrem Zimbalist JrCepheus RA 21h 52m 0.00s D 73° 0′ 0.00″
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