Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with V

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

StarRegistry.com proudly features a distinguished list of individuals with stars named after them, each possessing a last name that commences with the letter ‘V’. These celestial honorees include renowned luminaries from various fields, from the world of entertainment to science and beyond. Their stars shine brightly in the vast expanse of the cosmos, forever preserving their legacy in the night sky.

Alphabetized by Last Name

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Nick VallelongaVirgo RA 12h 10m 8.11s D 04° 36′ 16.31″
Ross ValoryPerseus RA 1h 39m 34.79s D 54° 20′ 24.68
Ricky Van SheltonCapricornus RA 20h 45m 56.00s D-22° 43′ 0.00
Jimmie Van ZantHercules RA 17h 48m 59.91s D 22° 49′ 12.22
Francisco VargasPisces RA 0h 43m 6.18s D 14° 3′ 0.69″
Gordon VasquezVirgo RA 12h 34m 45.85s D 04° 41′ 16.27″
Stevie Ray VaughanAquila RA 20h 11m 35.90s D 06° 40′ 43.29
Vince VaughnHercules RA 18h 54m 17.35s D 14° 49′ 23.92″
Ben VereenLibra RA 15h 32m 40.00s D-26° 8′ 0.00″
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