Celebrities with Named Stars
Last Name Begins with E

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Starregistry.com proudly features a stellar collection of celebrities with stars named after them, with a particular focus on those whose last names commence with the letter ‘E’. This exclusive list includes renowned figures from various domains, each with a celestial tribute that twinkles in the night sky. From iconic actors and actresses to acclaimed musicians and influential public figures, starregistry.com pays homage to their lasting legacies by immortalizing their names among the stars, ensuring that the brilliance of these ‘E’-initialed luminaries continues to shine brightly for generations to come.

Alphabetized by Last Name

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The EaglesAquila RA 19h 13m 48.97s D-07° 57′ 25.23″
Dale Earnhardt JrOrion RA 6h 17m 22.94s D-02° 51′ 14.14″
Dale Earnhardt SrAquila RA 19h 1m 36.36s D 16° 34′ 25.00″
Sheena EastonOrion RA 6h 4m 24.00s D 06° 38′ 0.00″
Courtney EatonLyra RA 18h 45m 53.23s D 39° 22′ 53.52″
Carmen ElectraAries RA 2h 32m 25.63s D 22° 57′ 25.42″
Shannon Elizabeth Aquila RA 19h 38m 26.54s D 07° 24′ 5.30″
Joe ElliottCanes Venatici RA 12h 53m 19.13s D 43° 34′ 59.17″
Ethan EmbryAquila RA 18h 26m 42.60s D 02° 13′ 46.64″
Melissa EtheridgeCassiopeia RA 1h 16m 54.60s D 60° 12′ 3.04″
Chris EvansHercules RA 16h 56m 23.03s D 32° 42′ 37.30″
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