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Equuleus, the horse or foal, is the smallest modern constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. It sits near the celestial equator and is most easily viewed in the month of August. Because it sits close to the equator, it can be seen from most places on earth. It can be located near the constellation Pegasus, the larger winged horse. It rises just before Pegasus in the east and is sometimes called the first horse (Equus Primus). The Nearest constellations to Draco are Boötes, Camelopardalis, Cepheus, Cygnus, Hercules, Lyra, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor. 

There are many celebrities that have stars named in the Equuleus constellation, they include: Andrew Lloyd Webber, Colin Firth, and Randy Travis. Click here for more information. 


Symbol: Equ 

Right Ascension: 09:13 

Declination: 7 

Diameter (°): 5 

Area (square °): 72 

Opposition: Aug 08 

Size Rank: 87th 

Brightness Rank: 85th 

Genitive: Equulei 


Major or notable stars in Equuleus 


Kitalpha – α Equulei (Alpha Equulei)  

δ Equulei (Delta Equulei) 

γ Equulei (Gamma Equulei) 

β Equulei (Beta Equulei) 

ε Equulei (Epsilon Equulei) 

ζ Equulei (Zeta Equulei) 

λ Equulei (Lambda Equulei) 

9 Equulei 

4 Equulei 

HD 199942 

6 Equulei 

HD 200964 


Deep Sky Objects in Equuleus 


NGC 7015  

NGC 7040 

NGC 7046 

NGC 7045 


Mythology of the Constellation Equuleus 


The Little Horse, or the Horse’s Head, is in the head of Pegasus, and halfway between it and the Dolphin. There are several stories about Equuleus.  

One story says the constellation is Hippe, the shy daughter of the centaur Chiron (Centaurus). It is said that Hippe became pregnant from Aeolus. She hid in the mountains from her father until her child was born. You can see just the head of Equuleus peeking out from behind Pegasus.  When the centaur approached, she begged to be hidden and the gods turned her into a mare. The goddess Artemis then placed her among the stars. 

In another tale, this constellation is supposed to be the brother of Pegasus, named Celeris. Mercury gave him to Castor, who was celebrated for his skill in the management of horses. Another says Equuleus represents the famous horse which Neptune struck out of the earth with his trident when he argued with Minerva for superiority. Only the head of Celeris is visible. It is represented in an inverted position. Equuleus is the second smallest constellation in the sky and is very faint. 


Q. What is Equuleus? 

A. Equuleus, the little horse constellation, is usually associated with Hippe, the daughter of the centaur Chiron in Greek mythology. 


Q. How big is Equuleus constellation? 

A. Equuleus is the second smallest constellation in the night sky, after Crux (the Southern Cross). 


Q. When is the Equuleus constellation best visible? 

A. During the fall, you will be able to see Equuleus the most. This is the perfect time to buy a star kit in the Crux constellation. 

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