Red Gerard: A Star on Snow and in Aquila

Updated: January 14, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

Red Gerard holding a sky map from International Star Registry

Star Name: Redmond “Red” Gerard

Star Date: February 10, 2018

Coordinates: Aquila RA 18h 54m 13.54s D 01° 1′ 59.81″

When you think of stars, you might think of the celestial bodies that light up the night sky. However, in the case of American snowboarder Redmond “Red” Gerard, a star is not just a distant point of light; it’s a symbol of his extraordinary talent and accomplishments. In fact, Red Gerard’s prowess on the snow and his remarkable journey to success were commemorated when someone named a star for him through International Star Registry (ISR). This star, located in the Aquila constellation, serves as a testament to Red’s exceptional achievements both on and off the slopes.

Link to Red Gerard’s Wikipedia page

Astronomy enthusiasts often look up to the skies, gazing at constellations like Aquila, which is home to Red Gerard’s named star. The Aquila constellation is a stunning collection of stars resembling an eagle and is known for its significance in various mythologies. It’s fitting that Red Gerard’s star resides here, as he has soared to great heights in his snowboarding career.

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Red Gerard’s journey to stardom began in Ohio, where he was born and raised. However, he now calls Silverthorne, Colorado, his home, where he has even created a miniature snowboarding park in his backyard, complete with a rope tow. This reflects his unbridled passion for snowboarding and his dedication to honing his skills.

Olympic Glory and Beyond

At the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, Red Gerard represented the United States in both slopestyle and big air events. In a surprising turn of events, Gerard clinched the gold medal in slopestyle. His victory was remarkable not only for his exceptional skills but also for the memorable events leading up to it. Gerard’s story became famous as he overslept in his hotel room, lost his jacket, borrowed his roommate’s jacket, and even accidentally used profanity on live TV after his win. This victory made him the first Winter Olympics medalist born in the 2000s and the youngest American to medal in a snowboarding event at the Olympics.

In addition to his Olympic triumph, Red Gerard has achieved numerous other accolades in snowboarding. In 2017, he secured the 1st overall position in Slopestyle in the FIS Snowboard World Cup Standings. He continued to impress, winning the overall Toyota Grand Prix in Mammoth, California, in 2019, and the Burton US Open in men’s slopestyle. His consistent performance in events like the Aspen Toyota Grand Prix and Mammoth Toyota Grand Prix further solidified his reputation as a snowboarding sensation.

Red Gerard’s family is no stranger to the spotlight either; his sister, Tieghan Gerard, is a well-known food blogger behind Half Baked Harvest.

In conclusion, Red Gerard’s star in the Aquila constellation is not just a celestial point of light; it’s a symbol of his incredible journey from Ohio to becoming an Olympic gold medalist. As a unique tribute, naming a star after Red Gerard through International Star Registry serves as a perfect gift idea for various occasions. Whether you’re looking for 50th birthday gift ideas or a meaningful gesture, recording a star name in Red’s honor is a fitting way to celebrate his stellar achievements.


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