Name a Star in the Coma Berenices Constellation

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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The Pin Wheel Nebula and the Black Eye Galaxy are in Coma Berenices. It is a mid-sized constellation with an amber color. Our word for varnish comes from a linguistic derivative of Berenices. Coma Berenices was introduced to Western astronomy by Conon of Samos. Samos was the court astronomer of Egypt in the 3rd Century. The constellation is named to honor Berenice II, consort of Ptolemy III Euergetes.  Constellations nearby include Boötes, Ursa Major, Leo, Virgo, and Canes Venatici. It contains a galactic supercluster, one star cluster, two galactic clusters, and eight Messier objects.

The Hollywood stars sparkle with stars named for some A-listers in Coma Berenices : Michael Keaton, Natalie Portman, and Loretta Swit. Click here for more information.


Symbol: Com 


Right Ascension: 12:42 


Declination: 23 


Diameter (°): 13 


Area (square °): 386 


Opposition: Apr 01 


Size Rank: 42nd 


Brightness Rank: 58th 


Genitive: Comae Berenices 


Major or notable stars in Coma Berenices 


Diadem – α Comae Berenices (Alpha Comae Berenices) 

β Comae Berenices (Beta Comae Berenices) 

γ Comae Berenices (Gamma Comae Berenices) 

FK Comae Berenices 



Deep Sky Objects in Coma Berenices 


Black Eye Galaxy – Messier 64 (M64, NGC 4826) 

Needle Galaxy (NGC 4565) 

Coma Star Cluster (Melotte 111) 

Coma Cluster of galaxies 

Virgo Cluster of galaxies 

Messier 53 (M53, NGC 5024) 

Messier 100 (M100, NGC 4321) 

Messier 85 (M85, NGC 4382) 

Messier 99 (M99, NGC 4254) 

Messier 88 (M88, NGC 4501) 

Messier 91 (M91, NGC 4548) 

Messier 98 (M98, NGC 4192) 

NGC 4889 (Caldwell 35) 

NGC 4147 


Mythology of the Constellation Coma Berenices 


This is the only modern constellation named for a historic figure. Bernice was an Egyptian princess in the third century B.C. She promised to shave her head in sacrifice to Venus. In return, her brother Ptolemy IX, the Pharoah, returned safely from battle in Syria and Babylon.  After his safe return her hair disappeared overnight before the hair cutting ceremony. The missing hair was discovered by court astronomers that evening between Boötes and Leo. Part of the Syrian/Egyptian connection is related in the Old Testament in the book of Daniel XI-6. 


Q. What are a few interesting facts about Coma Berenices? 

A. Although it is not large, Coma Berenices contains one galactic supercluster, two galactic clusters, one star cluster and eight Messier objects (including several globular clusters). 


Q. When is Coma Berenice the most visible? 

A. Coma Berenice is most visible from the Northern Hemisphere in the springtime.  


Q. Do any celebrities have stars in Coma Berenices? 

A. Yes, Jennifer Aniston and Natalie Portman are just a couple of them. You can buy a star kit and have your star located in the same constellation. 

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