Michael Nesmith: A Star in Music and the Monoceros Constellation

Updated: December 15, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Star Name Robt Michael Nesmith 25th Ann of Monkees Star Date September 12, 1991 Coordinates Monoceros RA 7h 13m 5.00s D-02° 2' 0.00"

Did you know that there’s a star named after the legendary musician, Robert Michael Nesmith, also known as Mike Nesmith? Indeed, as a personalized gift, someone named a star for Michael Nesmith through International Star Registry. This star, named “Robt Michael Nesmith 25th Ann of Monkees,” shines brightly in the Monoceros constellation with coordinates Monoceros RA 7h 13m 5.00s D-02° 2′ 0.00. This unique celestial dedication reflects the star-quality career of this remarkable artist.

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Michael Nesmith’s Musical Journey

Michael Nesmith, born on December 30, 1942, left an indelible mark on the world of music, songwriting, and acting. His most prominent claim to fame was as a member of the iconic pop rock band, the Monkees, during their successful TV series from 1966 to 1968. Nesmith’s songwriting talents contributed significantly to the Monkees’ success, with hits like “Mary, Mary,” “The Girl I Knew Somewhere,” “Tapioca Tundra,” “Circle Sky,” and “Listen to the Band.” His song “Different Drum” even became a hit for Linda Ronstadt and the Stone Poneys.

Post-Monkees Career and Solo Success

After departing from the Monkees in 1969, Nesmith continued to flourish in his musical career. He formed the influential country rock group, the First National Band, achieving a top-40 hit with “Joanne” in 1970. As a solo artist, he garnered international acclaim with the song “Rio” in 1977, showcasing his diverse musical talents. Nesmith was recognized for his distinctive style, often playing a custom-built Gretsch 12-string electric guitar both during his Monkees era and in his solo ventures.

Pioneer in Multimedia and Entertainment

In 1974, Nesmith founded Pacific Arts, a multimedia production and distribution company. Through this venture, he played a pioneering role in the development of the music video format. His groundbreaking hour-long comedy/variety program, “Elephant Parts” (1981), earned him the honor of winning the first Grammy Award for Video of the Year. He also introduced one of the earliest American television programs dedicated to music videos, “PopClips,” which aired on Nickelodeon in 1980. Remarkably, Nesmith was approached to help develop the MTV network, but he declined the offer. Additionally, he served as an executive producer for the cult classic film “Repo Man” (1984).

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In conclusion, Michael Nesmith’s life and career were nothing short of stellar, and now he has a star to his name in the Monoceros constellation. His journey from a Monkee to a musical pioneer and multimedia trailblazer continues to inspire. By recording a star name through International Star Registry, you can create a unique and enduring tribute to your loved ones, just like the star dedicated to this extraordinary artist.


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