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Last Name Begins with R

Updated: January 22, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

International Star Registry has immortalized a distinguished group of individuals on its memorial page, all of whose last names begin with ‘R.’ These stars shine brightly in tribute to renowned celebrities and dignitaries who made significant contributions during their lifetimes. Their names may have faded from the earthly realm, but their legacy continues to sparkle across the cosmos, reminding us of their enduring impact on our world.

Prominent People with Stars Named – Alphabetized by Last Name

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Eddie RabbittCepheus RA 23h 28m 0.00s D 64° 0′ 0.00
Ronald ReaganUrsa Major RA 10h 21m 0.00s D 65° 0′ 0.00″
Nancy ReaganPegasus RA 23h 42m 48.00s D 09° 54′ 0.00″
Della ReeseCassiopeia RA 0h 58m 22.85s D 57° 28′ 43.30″
Debbie ReynoldsPegasus RA 21h 33m 31.99s D 06° 18′ 2.88″
Burt ReynoldsOrion RA 5h 1m 39.00s D 03° 23′ 0.00″
Little RichardPerseus RA 2h 50m 23.00s D 40° 47′ 0.00″
Joan RiversDraco RA 19h 5m 11.00s D 48° 18′ 0.00″
Doris RobertsVirgo RA 11h 57m 32.44s D-11° 16′ 50.59″
Buddy Elson RoemerAries RA 2h 50m 18.00s D 26° 40′ 0.00″
Kenny RogersLeo RA 10h 43m 18.00s D 16° 3′ 0.00″
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