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Last Name Begins with G

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On the memorial page, you can find a celestial tribute to several notable individuals whose last names begin with ‘G.’ These luminous stars serve as eternal memorials to renowned celebrities and dignitaries, each leaving a lasting legacy in their respective fields. Among them are the legendary actor James Gandolfini, whose cosmic star shines brightly in the night sky. Another is astronaut John Glen, whose star glistens as a symbol of our space exploration. These stars, and others like them, offer a celestial tribute to the memory of these remarkable individuals, allowing their names to twinkle in the heavens for generations to come.

Prominent People with Stars Named – Alphabetized by Last Name

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Jerry GarciaUrsa Major RA 9h 44m 35.26s D 57° 3′ 0.26
James GarnerAries RA 2h 33m 14.00s D 13° 30′ 0.00″
James GandolfiniDraco RA 14h 46m 48.12s D 62° 20′ 37.68″
J Joseph GarrahyHercules RA 17h 1m 45.00s D 36° 48′ 0.00″
Robin GibbSagittarius RA 18h 14m 45.00s D-35° 33′ 0.00″
Maurice GibbLyra RA 18h 52m 53.75s D 34° 17′ 34.16
Frank GiffordLeo RA 9h 49m 12.00s D 23° 14′ 0.00″
John Joyce GilliganVirgo RA 13h 56m 8.90s D-17° 53′ 19.25″
John GlennCanes Venatici RA 13h 52m 5.00s D 38° 31′ 0.00″
Cary GrantLyra RA 18h 52m 53.75s D 34° 17′ 34.16″
Kenny GuinnCetus RA 1h 21m 40.00s D 00° 30′ 0.00″
Sergei GrinkovCepheus RA 23h 11m 31.00s D 64° 41′ 0.00
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