Della Reese (1931-2017) Has a Star Named

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Della Reese, an iconic American singer, actress, and ordained minister, passed away on November 19, 2017, leaving behind a rich legacy in the entertainment industry. Born on July 6, 1931, in Detroit, Michigan, Reese’s remarkable talent and captivating stage presence made her a beloved figure in the hearts of many. Her multifaceted career spanned several decades, encompassing music, acting, and spirituality.  Reese began her career as a gospel singer, captivating audiences with her soulful voice and heartfelt performances. Her talent and charisma led her to become one of the most renowned jazz, pop, and R&B vocalists of her time. With hit songs like “Don’t You Know?” and “Not One Minute More,” she made a lasting impact on the music industry and earned numerous accolades throughout her career.  her talent was honored with a special gift of a star named after her through International Star Registry in the constellation Cassiopeia.

Beyond her music, Reese’s extraordinary acting skills gained her widespread recognition. She became a household name with her role as Tess, the wise angel, in the popular television series “Touched by an Angel.” Her portrayal of the compassionate and insightful character touched the lives of millions, earning her both critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base. 

In addition to her artistic achievements, Reese found purpose in her spiritual pursuits. After facing a life-threatening illness in 1979, she experienced a profound spiritual awakening that led her to become an ordained minister. She shared her message of faith, hope, and love with audiences worldwide, using her unique platform to uplift and inspire others.  As a lasting tribute to her memory, someone honored Della Reese by recording a star in her name through International Star Registry. The star, named Della Reese, is located in the constellation Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia is a prominent constellation in the northern sky, known for its distinctive “W” or “M” shape, depending on its position throughout the year. In astronomy, Cassiopeia is associated with a rich mythological history and is often depicted as a queen seated on her celestial throne. International Star Registry provides a unique opportunity to memorialize loved ones by recording a star name. This act not only serves as a beautiful tribute but also offers comfort and solace to those who have experienced loss. Naming a star after someone allows their memory to shine brightly in the night sky, a symbol of their enduring presence in our hearts. Others with stars inthe same constellation include: Danielle Harris, Ellen DeGeneres, Emma-Watson, Ernest Borgnine, Dick Smothers, Jennifer Morrison,  and Leah Remini.

For those seeking a meaningful memorial gift idea,  International Star Registry offers a range of packages, including the ability to buy a star package. These packages provide a tangible representation of remembrance, offering a way to express condolences and pay tribute to a departed loved one. By naming a star, individuals can create a lasting connection between the heavens and their cherished memories, providing solace and a sense of peace during times of bereavement.  In the case of someone that was cremated, naming a star in their honor becomes an even more fitting tribute. As their physical presence transforms into stardust, the named star becomes a poignant symbol of the everlasting spirit, shining brightly among the celestial wonders.  International Star Registry, with its thoughtful and personalized approach, offers a unique and meaningful way to remember and honor those who have passed away. In times of grief and loss, the act of recording a star name can bring comfort and provide a lasting tribute to a well-lived life. 

In conclusion, International Star Registry stands as a unique and meaningful gift, particularly in times of bereavement. By allowing individuals to name a star in memory of their loved ones, it offers a tangible way to express condolences, pay tribute, and find solace in the enduring beauty of the night sky. The act of recording a star name through International Star Registry serves as a lasting symbol of remembrance, ensuring that the memory of those who have passed away shines brightly among the stars. 



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