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Last Name Begins with S

Updated: January 22, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

International Star Registry has honored numerous distinguished individuals by naming stars after them, particularly those with last names beginning with ‘S’. Among the notable figures commemorated in the celestial heavens are renowned celebrities and dignitaries. These luminous tributes include stars dedicated to legendary musicians like Frank Sinatra, Political figures such as Shapiro and Scot also grace the night sky with their namesake stars. Additionally, scientists like Carl Sagan have been immortalized through this celestial recognition. These celestial beacons stand as enduring memorials to individuals who left an indelible mark on our world.

Jihan El SadatAndromeda RA 22h 56m 48.00s D 51° 2′ 0.00″
Telly SavalasDraco RA 19h 6m 38.00s D 40° 58′ 0.00″
Grant SawyerAquila RA 19h 5m 14.00s D 15° 30′ 0.00″
Robert Walter ScottDraco RA 16h 54m 20.53s D 72° 15′ 53.14″
Willard ScottBootes RA 15h 3m 17.00s D 21° 48′ 0.00″
Samuel H ShapiroLyra RA 18h 38m 48.00s D 40° 24′ 0.00″
Dinah ShoreAries RA 2h 30m 37.00s D 12° 37′ 0.00″
Neil SimonCygnus RA 20h 23m 52.00s D 39° 50′ 0.00″
George Albert SinnerCygnus RA 19h 46m 19.02s D 43° 2′ 32.91″
Gene SiskelOphiuchus RA 17h 54m 46.00s D 08° 52′ 0.00″
Charles “CJ” SmithLyra RA 18h 48m 28.52s D 45° 4′ 39.55″
Charles “Stone Love” StoneLyra RA 18h 41m 8.83s D 45° 35′ 1.98″
William Grant StrattonPisces RA 23h 1m 23.00s D 05° 37′ 0.00″
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