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Last Name Begins with F

Updated: January 23, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

International Star Registry pays tribute to several distinguished individuals whose last names begin with ‘F’ by naming stars after them. Among those commemorated are renowned actors and actresses, celebrated musicians, and prominent political figures. These stars serve as everlasting symbols of the legacies left behind by these luminaries in their respective fields.

Carrie Frances FisherCamelopardalis RA 6h 6m 11.00s D 76° 37′ 0.00″
Eddie FisherOrion RA 6h 12m 24.52s D 12° 48′ 0.01″
Jim FlorioLacerta RA 22h 55m 46.00s D 54° 7′ 0.00″
Dan FogelbergVirgo RA 13h 33m 23.00s D 05° 29′ 0.00″
Bob FosseUrsa Major RA 11h 17m 45.00s D 56° 15′ 0.00″
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