Memorial Page
Last Name Begins with C

Updated: January 22, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On the memorial page, we pay tribute to several prominent individuals whose last names begin with ‘C’ and who are now among the stars. Among these luminous dedications are stars named after iconic figures like Leonard Cohen, the legendary singer-songwriter whose poetic lyrics touched the hearts of many, and singer-songwriter Glen Campbell.  These celestial dedications serve as enduring memorials to their lasting legacies.

Glen Travis CampbellDelphinus RA 20h 35m 8.00s D 05° 45′ 0.00″
David CarradinePerseus RA 2h 49m 48.93s D 43° 43′ 4.12″
David CassidyHercules RA 16h 23m 50.00s D 36° 39′ 0.00″
Roy ClarkDraco RA 14h 38m 0.46s D 63° 18′ 27.66″
James CoburnUrsa Major RA 11h 26m 13.45s D 39° 5′ 22.20″
Leonard CohenCygnus RA 20h 13m 37.00s D 47° 21′ 0.00″
Natalie ColeCassiopeia RA 2h 44m 34.17s D 73° 21′ 36.60″
John Bowden ConnallyAndromeda RA 23h 18m 25.00s D 48° 33′ 0.00″
Walter CronkiteUrsa Major RA 15h 2m 39.00s D 17° 48′ 0.00″
David Crosby & Jan DanceCygnus RA 20h 57m 50.00s D 35° 6′ 0.00″
Mario Matthew CuomoGemini RA 6h 48m 34.38s D 35° 12′ 6.05″
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