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Last Name Begins with M

Updated: January 22, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On the memorial page, you’ll discover a distinguished compilation of individuals with last names commencing with ‘M’ who have been honored with stars through International Star Registry. This celestial constellation of luminaries encompasses a diverse array of celebrated figures, including the legendary Marilyn Monroe, whose grace and beauty continue to captivate hearts worldwide. These stars, bearing their names, stand as enduring tributes to their extraordinary legacies.

Walter MatthauAquila RA 18h 45m 1.00s D 10° 24′ 0.00″
David McCallumAuriga RA 6h 18m 41.00s D 31° 59′ 0.00″
Ed McMahonHercules RA 16h 54m 58.00s D 14° 44′ 0.00″
Anne MearaCentaurus RA 12h 46m 21.00s D-53° 14′ 0.00″
Don MeredithAries RA 2h 43m 33.00s D 18° 1′ 0.00″
Stephen MerrillAquila RA 20h 11m 16.76s D-02° 41′ 30.01″
Thomas J MeskillMicroscopium RA 20h 47m 23.00s D-39° 5′ 0.00″
Ricardo MontalbanLyra RA 28h 20m 30.00s D 43° 14′ 0.00″
Cory MonteithAquila RA 19h 54m 36.58s D 06° 32′ 22.67″
Dudley MooreAndromeda RA 1h 30m 5.00s D 43° 2′ 0.00″
Erin MoranCygnus RA 21h 2m 52.82s D 44° 55′ 43.25″
Brent MydlandLyra RA 18h 51m 37.00s D 42° 33′ 0.00″
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