Memorial Page
Last Name Begins with E

Updated: January 16, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

On the memorial page, you will find a celestial tribute to several notable individuals whose last names begin with ‘E’. Among them are renowned figures such as Exon. Additionally,  International Star Registry pays homage to the memory of Many other celebrities and dignitaries. These stars, named in their honor, serve as everlasting reminders of their enduring legacies in the night sky.

Dale Earnhardt, SrAquila RA 19h 1m 36.36s D 16° 34′ 25.00″
Edwin Washington EdwardsSagittarius RA 18h 44m 1.22s D-31° 44′ 18.20″
John James ExonCorona Borealis RA 16h 0m 54.94s D 36° 24′ 33.95″
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