Remembering James Coburn: A Star-Studded Legacy

Updated: January 23, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

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James Harrison Coburn III, an iconic American film and television actor, left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry with his remarkable career spanning 45 years. Born on August 31, 1928, and departing from this world on November 18, 2002, Coburn’s contributions to the world of cinema are celebrated to this day. In this memorial, we will delve into his life, career, and accomplishments, while also shedding light on a special celestial tribute to him through International Star Registry.

James Coburn: A Remarkable Career

James Coburn’s career was nothing short of extraordinary. He graced the silver screen in over 70 films, primarily known for his charismatic presence in action-packed roles. His rugged charm, exemplified by his toothy grin and lanky physique, made him the quintessential tough guy of his time. Coburn’s versatility allowed him to effortlessly transition between leading and supporting roles, leaving an indelible mark in various genres.

Some of his notable works include “The Magnificent Seven,” “Hell Is for Heroes,” “The Great Escape,” “Charade,” “Our Man Flint,” “In Like Flint,” “The President’s Analyst,” “Hard Times,” “Duck, You Sucker!,” “Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid,” and “Cross of Iron.” His portrayal of Glen Whitehouse in “Affliction” earned him the coveted Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1998, showcasing his exceptional talent.

A Star’s Celestial Tribute

On December 25, 2004, a radiant star was named in honor of James Coburn as a heartfelt gift from International Star Registry. The star, aptly named “James Coburn,” resides in the constellation Ursa Major. Its celestial coordinates are as follows: Right Ascension (RA) 11h 26m 13.45s and Declination (D) 39° 5′ 22.20″.

Astronomy and Ursa Major

Astronomy is the fascinating science that studies celestial objects such as stars, planets, galaxies, and more. It allows us to explore the vastness of the universe and gain a deeper understanding of our place within it. One of the most recognizable constellations in the night sky is Ursa Major, often referred to as the Great Bear.

Ursa Major is home to several prominent stars and deep-sky objects, making it a popular choice for stargazing enthusiasts. Its distinctive shape, resembling a bear’s torso and tail, has captivated observers for centuries. The inclusion of James Coburn’s star within Ursa Major adds to the constellation’s celestial tapestry, creating a beautiful connection between the actor’s legacy and the cosmos.

International Star Registry: A Meaningful Gift

International Star Registry offers a unique and thoughtful way to commemorate special occasions, honor loved ones, or remember cherished individuals like James Coburn. 

Naming a star after someone holds a special significance, as it immortalizes their memory in the night sky for generations to come. This heartfelt gesture can be a perfect gift for various occasions, including Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, and memorials. It goes beyond the ordinary, allowing you to create lasting memories under the stars.

If you’re considering purchasing a star package or exploring memorable memorial gifts, International Star Registry is the ideal choice. Their services enable you to name a star and create a unique celestial connection that will be cherished forever.

In conclusion, James Coburn’s legacy continues to shine brightly, not only through his remarkable filmography but also in the celestial realm with the star named in his honor. International Star Registry provides a meaningful and enduring way to celebrate life’s special moments and remember loved ones through the magic of the night sky.


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