Happy Birthday to a True Star!

Published: January 23, 2002     Author: Richard Dean Anderson Fan Page 

Image of Richard Dean Anderson Star certificate and sky chart

January 23, 2002 


In recognition of your work, 
a star in the heavens has been named for you. 

Star “RDA” is found in the constellation of Hercules. 
RA17h1m46.31 D33°15’31.08″ 
Magnitude 13.3 

The certificate indicates the new name of your star and its telescopic coordinates. The sky chart shows the area of the sky in the constellation of Hercules, with the star “RDA” encircled in red. 

The new star name and telescopic coordinates will be recoreded in the International Star Registry‘s vault in Switzerland and recorded in the astronomical compendium “Your Place in the Cosmos,” Volume VI, copyrighted in the United States of America. 

Happy Birthday to a True Star 
from your fans around the world 

Read More at: https://www.rdanderson.com/features/birthday2002/star.htm

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