Heather Rae Young Reveals the Stellar Gift Tarek El Moussa Gave Her

Published: November 21, 2022  Author:  GRACE TURNEYShowbiz Cheatsheet 

Heather Rae Young

Heather Rae Young shared the meaningful gift her “Flip or Flop” star husband, Tarek El Moussa, recently gave her. 


Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young love sharing special moments from their relationship with fans, and the Selling Sunset star recently showed off a special gift her husband gave her. Here’s what the Flip or Flop star gave Young and what they were celebrating. 

Heather Rae Young shared the out of this world gift Tarek El Moussa gave her 

On Nov. 19, Heather Rae Young took to her Instagram Stories, which disappear automatically after 24 hours, to show off a sweet gift from Tarek El Moussa. 

“…Show you guys how cute my honey is. He dedicated a star to me,” Young shared, showing off a certificate from International Star Registry. “So there’s somewhere up in the galaxy a star dedicated to Heather Rae. Well, named Heather Rae, actually. How cute is that?” 

The date on the certificate was Sept. 16, 2022, which was Young’s 35th birthday. So, El Moussa likely purchased the star as a gift to celebrate the day his wife was born. 


Tarek El Moussa loves giving Heather Rae Young extravagant gifts 

The Flip or Flop star often surprises his wife with lavish presents. In 2019, just two months after the couple met, Tarek El Moussa gave Heather Rae Young her “dream car.” 

The two stars met on July 4, 2019. And for her 32nd birthday in September, El Moussa bought the Selling Sunset star a Ferrari convertible. 

“We both share a love of sports cars and on our first date I asked her what her dream car would be. She told me that she has always dreamed of a white Ferrari convertible,” El Moussa told People. “I wanted to surprise my best friend with the car of her dreams. I love cars so I get to enjoy it too.” 

And in May, Young shared an Instagram Story revealing that her husband had given her another new vehicle. The large, white, four-door with black details and interior appeared to be a Mercedes-Benz. 


The ‘Selling Sunset’ star once gave some great gift-giving advice 

Heather Rae Young and Tarek El Moussa love giving each other meaningful presents. In February, the two stars shared their gift-giving advice with E! News for Valentine’s Day. 

The Selling Sunset star offered an important tip to consider when shopping for a loved one. “Always listen to what your partner wants,” Young advised. “Make it special for them and tailored to what they love to do. Write a handwritten card. Send her flowers. They just make us smile.” 

In the same interview, Young gushed about El Moussa. “I finally met my soulmate,” she said. “We fight to find them, but when we do, everything falls into place… I am a true believer in love and soulmates and I never gave up.” 

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