Jewel Kilcher Trivia

Published: 1997     Author: IMDB 

Star Name Jewel Kilcher (Jewel Of The North) Star Date April 24, 1998 Coordinates Draco RA 15h 38m 42.11s D 75° 58' 37.56"

Jewel Kilcher Trivia (24) 

Her father taught music in elementary schools. 

Friends with actor/activist Sean Penn, who directed an early version of a music video for “You Were Meant For Me.” in 1995. A later version was made in 1997 and that is the version we know today. 

On behalf of the Everyday Angels, The International Star Registry redesignated the star number Ursa Minor 15h38m42s 75°58’37” to the name Jewel Kilcher (Jewel of the North). [May 1997] 

Her grandfather helped draft the Alaska state constitution. 

Singer. She learned to play guitar at age 16. 

Is able to speak some Swedish. When she was 18, she had a Swedish boyfriend, named Musse, from whom she learned it. She also wrote him a lullaby song in Swedish, which she has performed at concerts and on TV appearances. 

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