Name a Star in the Corona Borealis Constellation

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The Northern Crown constellation is represented by six principal stars placed to form a circular figure resembling a wreath. It’s directly above the Serpent’s head between Boötes on the west and Hercules on the east. Corona Borealis is one of the 48 original constellations listed by the 2nd century Astronomer, Ptolemy. The neighboring constellations are Boötes, Hercules, and Serpens Caput. 

Because of the crown reference, there are a few “big shots” with stars named in this constellation: Charles Prince of Wales, Prince William, Kate Middleton, John Anthony Volpe-Governor, and John James Exon-Governor. Click here for more information.

Symbol: CrB 

Right Ascension: 03:43 

Declination: 29 

Diameter (°): 9 

Area (square °): 179 

Opposition: May 19 

Size Rank: 73rd 

Brightness Rank: 50th 

Genitive: Coronae Borealis 


Major or notable stars in Corona Borealis 

Alphecca (Gemma) – α Coronae Borealis (Alpha Coronae Borealis) 

Nusakan – β Coronae Borealis (Beta Coronae Borealis) 

γ Coronae Borealis (Gamma Coronae Borealis, Struve 1967) 

ζ Coronae Borealis (Zeta Coronae Borealis) 

T Coronae Borealis – Blaze Star 

ρ Coronae Borealis (Rho Coronae Borealis) 

R Coronae Borealis – Fade-Out Star 

κ Coronae Borealis (Kappa Coronae Borealis) 

HD 144579 

Eta Coronae Borealis (Struve 1937) 

Sigma Coronae Borealis (Struve 2032) 

Delta Coronae Borealis  

Nu Coronae Borealis (Struve I 29)  


Deep Sky Objects in Corona Australis 


Corona Borealis Galaxy Cluster (Abell 2065) 


Mythology of the Constellation Corona Borealis 

This beautiful little cluster of stars is said to commemorate a crown. Bacchus gave this starry crown to Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, second King of Crete.  As the story goes, Adriadne’s lover was King Theseus of Athens who was shut up in the celebrated labyrinth of Crete. Theseus appeared doomed to be sacrificed to the ferocious Minotaur who lived there. The half-man, half-bull Minotaur fed upon the chosen young men and maidens which the Athenians gave as yearly tribute to the tyranny of Minos. Daring fellow that he was, Theseus slew the monster but still needed to escape the labyrinth. To keep her adored Theseus from being lost in the maze, Ariadne gave him a thread which he followed back to the outside when he was through slaying the creature.  

The appreciative Theseus married Ariadne, as he’d promised and carried her away. But when they arrived at the island of Naxos, he deserted her, despite her love for him and regardless of the evidence of her endearing tenderness and obvious attachment. In some stories, Ariadne was so heartbroken at her abandonment she hanged herself. Plutarch says she was spotted walking along the shoreline by Bacchus, the God of Wine. It is said that Bacchus, known as Dionysus to the Greeks, fell in love with her at first sight.  Bacchus promised Ariadne a crown of heavenly stars. They married and lived together for many years. Upon her death, Bacchus placed her crown of seven stars in the Heavens. 

Manilius, in the first book of his “Astronomicon,” says of the crown: 

“Near to Boötes the bright crown is view’d 

And shines with stars of different magnitude: 

Or placed in front above the rest displays 

A vigorous light, and darts surprising rays. 

This shone, since Theseus first his faith betray’d 

The monument of the forsaken maid.” 


Q. What is the brightest star in Corona Borealis? 

A. Alphecca is the brightest of the stars in the Corona Borealis constellation 


Q. What Are the Stars of Corona Borealis? 

A. The other six stars are Theta, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon and Iota Coronae Borealis. 


Q. Do any celebrities have stars in Corona Borealis? 

A. This constellation has quite a few special stars including HRH The Prince of Wales, Now King Charles III, and HRH The Princess of Wales along with their son and daughter-in-law Prince William and Kate Middleton as they were known at the time of the star naming. 

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