How Much Does a Star Cost?

Have you ever looked up at the night sky and wondered about owning a piece of the universe? Naming a star for you or someone special is a magical gift. But, what’s the cost of buying a star?

This is a fanciful image. A man is facing a bright exploding star in the night sky. He is standing on an overlook and the lights of the city below can be seen shining. The huge star is in the center of the image and the man appears happy and excited to welcome it. It may be intended to represent a supernova explosion.

Buying a star is easy, whether for yourself or as a gift. Just pick a package that suits you from Prices range from $30 to over $100, based on the package.

Key Takeaways:

  • The cost of owning a star can range from $29.95 to higher prices.
  • Prices in the EU for naming a star can also be around the same price range as those in the UK.
  • Star packages vary in features and costs, with options for personalization.
  • The cost to name a star after someone is influenced by factors such as the type of package and add-ons.

Buying a Star:  How Much Does a Star Cost?

So you’ve always dreamed of owning a star, and now you’re ready to make it a reality. But how exactly does one go about purchasing a star? Let’s break down the process step by step.

1. Consider the constellation you want

Before diving into the purchasing process, take a moment to think about the constellation you want. 

2. Go to International Star Registry

International Star Registry is the “Real star naming company.” Founded in 1979, they have named over 3 million stars for celebrities, dignitaries, royalty, and individuals from around the world.

3. Select your desired package

Next, select the package that best suits your preferences and budget. Some packages may include additional items like star maps, commemorative jewelry, or even framing.

4. Personalize your star

One of the most exciting aspects of buying a star is the opportunity to give it a unique name. Personalize your star by choosing a name that holds special meaning for you or the person you’re gifting it to. 


5. Receive your certificate

After completing the purchase, you’ll receive a personalized certificate of ownership for your star. This certificate serves as a symbolic representation of your ownership and makes for a unique and memorable keepsake.

Now that you have a better understanding of the star-buying process, you’re one step closer to making your celestial dreams come true. 

Giving Names to Stars: Options to Consider

When you think about giving a star as a gift, there are many choices. You can buy and name a star online. Star Registry lets you name a star for yourself or someone else. It makes a gift very special and personal. Star Registry is trusted with a 4.7/5 rating from 2845 reviews.

Buying a star gift comes with different items, based on the package you pick. 

Star Naming Legitimacy and Considerations

Naming a star is a special gift, but it’s not scientifically recognized. The stars named come from databases like the NASA Guide Star Catalog. They are accurate in coordinates. But, these names aren’t recognized by NASA or other scientific groups.

Still, the “Buy a Star” gift is a symbol of lasting love and memory. Famous people like Elton John and Viola Davis have gotten “Name a Star” packages. Star Registry has been featured on TV, in print, and on the radio.

The Cost of Buying a Star

Buying a star can cost different amounts based on what you choose. You might ask, how much does it cost to buy a star? The answer changes with the package and method you pick.

For a standard star naming package, the price is about $59. This lets you name a star and get a certificate of record.

The Gift of Naming a Celestial Body

Naming a star is a special gift. It lets you connect with the night sky and make a lasting memory. It’s perfect for birthdaysanniversaries, or any special day. The thought and creativity behind it mean more than the cost.

When you name a star for someone, you give them a symbol of love and admiration. This symbol will shine forever. makes it easy to buy a starfor someone with packages that include certificates and sky charts.

In short, naming a star is a unique and touching gift. It connects you to the universe and brings joy. 

The silhouette of a man standing on a cliff overlooking the water and mountains on the other side. It is night time. In front of him we see the glow from the setting sun. The Milky Way is in front of him and he is raising his hands to welcome it. The night sky is a beautiful blue and the Milky Way appears purple and white.


If you’ve ever asked  how much does a star cost?, the answer is simple. It ranges from $29.95 to $189.95. But the real value is more than just the price. It’s a special way to show someone you care.

Buying a star connects the person to the universe’s beauty and wonder. It’s a way to remember a special moment or honor someone you love.

So, for birthdaysanniversaries, or just to say you care, consider a star. It’s a unique way to make someone feel special. Give them a piece of the cosmos. Make a memory that lasts with a star dedicated just for them.


How much does a star cost?

To purchase a star it costs between $29 to $100+. The price changes based on the star gifts and what’s included.

How much does it cost to buy a star?

Starting at $29.95, the price for a star can go up to $189,95. This depends on the package you choose.

What options do I have for giving a star as a gift?

You can give a star as a gift in many ways. You can buy or name a star online, naming it for someone special. Or, you can get physical gifts like star maps or framed certificates. Another option is to become an astronomer and find a star yourself.

What factors should I consider before buying a star?

Think about the constellation you want. Make sure to buy from the real star naming company, International Star Registry. Also, consider adding personal touches like calligraphy, engraving, or a special message.

What is the value of giving someone their own star?

Giving someone their own star is priceless. It’s a unique gift that connects to the beauty of the night sky. It creates a lasting memory, more valuable than its cost.

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How Much Does a Star Cost?

Modified: June 7, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

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Naming a star is a unique and sentimental gift that can symbolize eternal love, honor, or remembrance. Many people wonder, “How much does a star cost?” The cost varies depending on the package you choose and the company you purchase from. In this article, we’ll explore the different options offered by International Star Registry®, a trusted name in the industry, and provide detailed information on what you receive when you buy a star package.

The Cost of Naming a Star

The cost of naming a star with International Star Registry® starts at $29.95 for a digital package and $59 for a printed package. Prices vary based on the package you select. All packages include the same iconic International Star Registry certificate that has been featured in movies and on television around the world. Here are the available options:

Digital Package

  • Price: Starts at $29.95
  • Details: This affordable option includes a printable, digital certificate showing that a star has been named plus a star chart indicating the location of your named star.

Custom Star Kit

  • Price: Starting at $59
  • Details: This printed package includes a personalized 12” x 16” star certificate, a sky map depicting your star’s location, and a booklet about astronomy written specifically for International Star Registry® customers by a professional astronomer.

Deluxe Star Kit

  • Price: Starting at $114.95
  • Details: This package includes a framed star certificate, so your gift arrives ready to display. You’ll also receive a sky map, providing a useful depiction of your named star. A bonus wallet card is also included.

Ultimate Star Kit

  • Price: Starting at $159.95
  • Details: This top-tier package includes a framed star certificate and a framed star chart, making it a truly special gift. A bonus wallet card is also included.

Star Groups

  • Details: Ideal for weddings, families, or groups, this option allows you to purchase 2-8 star kits. Each named star can be clustered together and shown as a group on your personalized star chart.

International Star Registry® ensures that stars named through their service are permanently recorded in the book “Your Place in the Cosmos,” the only permanent published catalog of named stars in the world. Eleven volumes of this book have been registered at the US copyright office. Beware of impostor firms that use similar names; stars named by these companies are not recorded in this permanent catalog.

The Process of Buying a Star Package

Buying a star package from International Star Registry® is a straightforward process:

  1. Select a Package: Choose the package that best suits your needs and budget.
  2. Provide Personal Details: Provide the name of the person or entity you want to honor and a dedication date. You can also choose a constellation.
  3. Receive Your Kit: Every package includes a beautiful, personalized star certificate, a sky map indicating the star’s location, and an astronomy booklet. Higher-tier packages include framed certificates and star charts. Framed packages also include a bonus wallet card. Prices will vary based on the elegant add-on items you select for your package.

The Sentimental Value of Naming a Star

Naming a star is more than just a unique gift; it holds deep sentimental value. Here are some of the emotional and symbolic significances of naming a star:

Eternal Honor

Naming a star provides a sense of eternal honor and remembrance. The star’s name is a permanent record, ensuring that the memory of the person or event it commemorates is never forgotten.

Special Occasions

Stars can be named for various special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and memorials. This makes star naming a versatile and thoughtful gift for any significant life event.

Symbolic Meaning

Stars have always held a symbolic place in human culture. They represent guidance, inspiration, and eternal beauty. Naming a star after someone can symbolize the enduring nature of their influence or the everlasting bond you share with them.

Finding Your Named Star

Once you have named a star, you might wonder how to find it in the night sky. International Star Registry® provides a detailed sky map indicating the location of your star. The included booklet on astronomy will guide you in locating your star using constellations and celestial coordinates.

Beware of Impostors

When considering how much does a star cost, it’s essential to be aware of impostor firms. Only stars named through International Star Registry® are recorded in the permanent star catalog “Your Place in the Cosmos.” This is the only permanently published and copyrighted listing of named stars in the world. Ensure you purchase from to guarantee your star’s name is permanently recorded.


Naming a star is a unique and meaningful gift that offers a lasting way to honor a loved one or commemorate a special occasion. The cost of a star varies based on the package you choose, ranging from $29.95 for a Digital Package to $159.95 or more for the Ultimate Star Kit. International Star Registry® offers a range of options to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring you find the perfect gift.

For more information or to purchase a star package, visit Remember, naming a star is not just about the cost; it’s about the everlasting symbol of love, honor, and remembrance that a named star represents.

Learn More | Buy a Star gift | Name a Star Today

By choosing International Star Registry®, you are ensuring that your star is permanently recorded in the world’s only published and copyrighted star catalog of named stars, providing a gift that will be remembered forever. Founded in 1979, International Star Registry is your trusted and recognized source for naming stars as a gift.

The price of a star starts at $59 for a printed package, or $29.95 for a digital package you can print at home. Its a gift that brings one face-to-face with the intersection of astronomy and sentiment. While it’s not possible to physically own a star (It’s way too hot!), you can name a star with International Star Registry (ISR) located at on 

The amount you’d need to spend depends on the package you choose from ISR. Each package encompasses varying elements, from a certificate and star chart detailing the star’s coordinates and it’s associated constellation to fully framed package plus additonal add-on items. Package prices differ based on the content of the bundle and add-ons. You’re encouraged to visit the ISR website and explore the available packages. 

Following your selection and payment for a package, you’ll submit a name to be associated with a star. This name is then incorporated into the ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘ , an exclusive ISR publication. Uniquely, this compendium is the only copyrighted catalog of star names worldwide, its registration held with the U.S. Copyright Office. This copyright status of the publication itself does not extend to granting scientific recognition to the star names used by astronomers.

The act of naming a star bears a profound sentimental significance for many, often used to celebrate special moments or to honor loved ones. 

For those looking to increase their knowledge of stars and astronomy, Wikipedia provides an extensive range of detailed articles on the subject. 

To recap, the cost of naming a star starts at $29.95 for a digital package and $59 for a printed package through ISR and varies based on the chosen package.  


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