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International Star Registry is honored to have been asked to name stars for some of the brightest celebrities of the 20th and 21st centuries! Read here to see more about the shining stars of Hollywood, Television, Sports and Music who have had their names enshrined in the Heavens!

Happy 29th Birthday Jake T. Austin!

As December 3, 2023 approaches, we find ourselves on the cusp of celebrating a remarkable milestone in the life of actor Jake T. Austin – his 29th birthday. In a world where unique and heartfelt birthday gifts can be hard to come by, one admirer found a truly extraordinary way to pay tribute to this … Read more

Honoring Joseph Gatt on His 52nd Birthday

December 3, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the life of the renowned actor Joseph Gatt, as he celebrates his 52nd birthday. While many might wonder what an extraordinary gift could befit such an occasion, one fan took the concept of a personalized gift to new heights. In a heartwarming gesture, a star was named … Read more

Happy 63rd Birthday Daryl Hannah!

December 3, 2023, marks a special day in Hollywood as actress Daryl Hannah celebrates her 63rd birthday. While her career has been nothing short of stellar, there’s an actual star named after her that shines brightly in the Auriga constellation, thanks to a heartfelt gesture from a fan through International Star Registry in 2001. In … Read more

Susan Sarandon holding a sky map from International Star Registry

Oscar Winner Susan Sarandon Has a Star

  Naming a Star for Susan Sarandon: A Special Moment in Time At the Academy Awards weekend in 2018, the team at International Star Registry a had an unforgettable encounter with the esteemed 1996 Oscar Winner, Susan Sarandon. The excitement was palpable as we had the privilege to name a star in her honor—a gesture … Read more

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