How Much is it to Buy a Star?

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

International Star registry 45th anniversary logo surrounded by stars.

For $54 The concept of ‘buying’ a star fascinates millions and symbolizes a connection between us and the universe. International Star Registry (ISR), available at, offers a service to name stars.  

The cost associated with naming a star through the ISR depends on the particular package chosen. The ISR website offers an array of options, each including various commemorative items like parchment certificates with the star’s name and astronomical coordinates, sky charts to locate your star, or even framed certificates for display. ISR has recently introduced a plush toy for children, “Wish Upon a Star. 

Once you’ve selected your package, completed the payment, and provided the desired name, your star and its name are included in ISR’s ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘. This unique publication, registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, holds the only copyrighted list of named stars in the world. Bear in mind that this copyright pertains to the publication itself, not to the individual star names, which lack scientific recognition. 

Though this service does not lead to officially owning or buying a star, many people find value in the personal significance of the process. It’s a unique way to celebrate an event, person, or even express affection for the cosmos. 

To get a precise understanding of the current costs, it’s best to visit, as prices may vary over time or according to the specific package. 

For additional insights into the world of stars, star naming, and related topics, Wikipedia offers an array of detailed articles that can deepen your understanding of these fascinating subjects. 

In conclusion, the cost of ‘buying’ a star through ISR and is determined by the specific package you select. While the names given to stars are not scientifically recognized, the act of naming a star has substantial symbolic and sentimental value for many people. 


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