How Much Does a Star Cost?

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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The price of a star starts at $54 and brings one face-to-face with the intersection of astronomy and sentiment. While it’s not possible to physically own a star (It’s way too hot!), you can name a star with the International Star Registry (ISR) found on 

The amount you’d need to spend depends on the package you choose from ISR. Each package encompasses varying elements, from a certificate detailing the star’s coordinates and it’s associated constellation to a sky chart showcasing the star’s location and magnitude. Some packages also differ based on the content of the bundle and add-ons. You’re encouraged to visit the ISR website and explore the available packages. 

Following your selection and payment for a package, you’ll submit a name to be associated with a star. This name is then incorporated into the ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘ , an exclusive ISR publication. Uniquely, this compendium is the only copyrighted catalog of star names worldwide, its registration held with the U.S. Copyright Office. However, it’s key to understand that the copyright status is restricted to the publication itself and does not extend to granting scientific recognition to the star names. 

Despite this lack of formal acknowledgement, the act of naming a star bears a profound sentimental significance for many, often used to celebrate special moments or to honor loved ones. 

For those looking to increase their knowledge of stars and astronomy, Wikipedia provides an extensive range of detailed articles on the subject. 

To recap, the cost of naming a star starts at $54 through ISR and varies based on the chosen package.  


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