Name a Star this Christmas as a Unique Holiday Gift

Modified: October 5, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

Decorated Christmas tree.

Surprise your favorite people on your gift list this year when you Name a star after them.    The holiday season is a time of joy, love, and warmth. Around the world people enjoy giving, sharing, and making memories. It coincides with the longest nights of the year. This time of year, the sky is darkest and the stars sparkle their brightest. Make your Christmas and Hanukkah sparkle this year too!    Families everywhere share beloved holiday traditions that make the season bright. You may sing Christmas carols, light Hanukkah candles, attend your house of worship, or put up a tree and wait eagerly for Santa Claus.    Along with the traditional presents and time-honored traditions, why not take a leap into the cosmos and name a star for your loved ones? With International Star Registry you can make that happen with a gift as boundless as the universe itself. What could be more perfect? Stars and gift giving are nearly synonymous with the magic of the holiday season. 

With International Star Registry you can buy a star package to name a star. Move beyond traditional gift giving. It presents an enchanting experience between the gift giver and recipient, transcending the usual material exchange into something more magical.  The symbol of a star and the heartwarming custom of giving gifts is an important part of many holiday traditions and teachings. These include the biblical story of the three wise men who followed the Christmas star in the east, bearing gifts for the baby Jesus. We remember this journey with a star on our Christmas tree surrounded by gifts for our loved ones.  In the Jewish tradition, candles are lit upon the menorah for eight days along with special prayers. This “celebration of light” is in recognition of the eight days the menorah’s candles burned at the Second Temple of Jerusalem with one day’s supply of untainted oil.  The African American tradition of Kwanzaa is a cultural celebration. Based on the African harvest festival, seven candles are lighted signifying the seven principals including unification, community, and gift giving.   Bring these beautiful customs together, make your holiday bright. When you name a star as a holiday gift, you are giving the gift of a lifetime that will always be remembered.  

Stars have always been important to humankind. Early astronomers and navigators mapped these shining orbs and used that knowledge to explore the world. They guide, inspire, and fascinate. When you name a star for someone, you’re not just assigning a name to a distant light. You’re recognizing the recipient’s place in your universe, a personal plot in the vast and awe-inspiring realm of space.  On the other hand, astrologers interpret the paths of the stars as they influence our character and life paths. By naming a star in the recipient’s zodiac sign, you weave your loved one’s story into this cosmic ballet, symbolizing their unique significance in your life and beyond.   When you buy a star gift, you’re offering something truly special that becomes a shared experience. Imagine unveiling your holiday gift under the soft glow of Christmas lights, introducing your loved one to their very own star in the sky. This can open doors to a universe of shared moments.   

Imagine their delight when they open their package to find the most magical gift in the universe, a star in their name! Your recipient will receive the same beautiful iconic International Star Registry certificate that has graced the homes of celebrities, dignitaries, and royalty since 1979. It will be personalized with the new star name, the day you are presenting your gift package, and the unique telescopic coordinates of the star.   They will also receive a custom star chart personalized for them with the location of the star indicated and circled! It shows the location and magnitude of the star, plus the asterism and major stars are shown on the chart to help them find the location of the star you named.   There’s more. They will also receive a scientific booklet about astronomy written by a professional astronomer exclusively for International Star Registry customers.  Name a star and add a personalized Silver Star Ornament. It arrives engraved with the star name and location of the star. Your Silver Star ornament is also engraved with the year, so you can remember the special holiday each time you decorate. Many families hang their Silver Star ornament on the Christmas tree each year, in memory of a special Christmas or a beloved family member.   The beautiful Star Registry Silver Star ornament isn’t the only special upgrade available for your holiday star package. 

Are you naming a star for someone artistic or traditional? Have the certificate lettered in beautiful hand calligraphy. The professional artists on staff can make your parchment certificate into an original work of art!   There’s also an exclusive International Star Registry Photographic Sky chart. These beautiful 12” x 16” photographs will arrive personalized with star’s location indicated and circled.   Set up a telescope on a clear, frosty night, embark on a cosmic adventure together, and locate the constellation where your special star is located. The bonds formed under the canopy of stars can last a lifetime. As you peer into the starry night sky, it spurs thoughtful discussions about our place in the universe. 

This holiday season, consider giving a present that stretches beyond the confines of our world. Buy a star package from International Star Registry and give an everlasting gift to your loved ones.   The brilliance of a star symbolizes the brilliance of your love, respect, and admiration. And when you name a star you are immortalizing these sentiments in the vast canvas of the cosmos. This Christmas, let’s set our sights higher than ever, turning to the stars to give the gift that shines above all others.  International Star Registry is honored to be part of many family traditions, serving generation after generation of loyal customers over the years. Thanks to their terrific customer service and their commitment to quality they enjoy an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.   Whether you are looking for an out-of-this-world holiday gift for that special someone, or you are naming a cluster of several stars for your family, naming a star is a gift will never be forgotten. 


Q. How long does it take to name a star this Christmas?

A. We produce and ship most orders within 1-2 business days. Delivery times are determined by the shipping method you choose.

Q. What is a good constellation to choose during the holiday season?

A. Some of the most popular winter constellations are Orion, Monoceros, and Auriga.

Q. Do people name multiple stars for Christmas?

A. Yes, we have had single individuals call to name stars for dozens of friends. Many of these large orders are placed by celebrities.

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