Name a Star for a Wedding or Anniversary

September 15, 2022

International Star Registry

Wedding or anniversay Gift

Do you know a special couple that’s getting ready to tie the knot? Honoring them by dedicating a star in their names is the perfect way to immortalize a love that can stand the test of time. You can even name up to 8 stars together in a group for a newly blended family.

What makes naming a star the perfect wedding gift? It is a gift of eternal love.

Naming a star is a meaningful wedding gift that you won't find on most bridal registries. Our selection of gift packages offers something for everyone. Visit our product catalog to buy a star gift for the happy couple.

Naming a star is a great way to honor the love of a couple celebrating a first anniversary, a milestone 10th Anniversary, 25th Anniversary, 50th Anniversary, or a 60th Wedding Anniversary. When you name a star for a couple you can choose from a variety of gift package options.

We will be glad to name two Individual stars that will shine together for eternity. When you name a couple's star group, the gift pack will have both stars identified together on the star chart. Check out our couple’s stars or select a single star package in both of your names so you are never apart. There are many different package options to help you customize your gift to suit your own special style.

Are you looking to pop the Question? Write your love in the stars! Like your timeless love, dedicate a star for your sweetheart and it will shine forever!

Stars are a symbol of eternity. Naming a star or a pair of stars has been a favorite way to celebrate a lifelong love since 1979. Giving your beloved a gift that shines brighter than any diamond is the most romantic way in the universe to let your spouse know that you would marry them all over again.

Whether wedding bells are ringing soon, or you shared wedding vows half a century ago, writing your love in the stars is a gift like no other.

  • Q. How do I name stars together for a wedding?

  • A. Call us at 800-282-3333 and we will chart your stars together at no extra charge.
  • Q. What's a popular constellation choice for weddings?

  • A. Many people name stars for weddings in Cygnus, the Swan. The swan is an animal that mates for life. The constellation resided in the heart of the summer Milky Way.
  • Q. How will my wedding gift be recorded?

  • A. All of the star names are published in the book Your Place in the Cosmos which is registered in the US Copyright Office.
  • Q. When will you register a star catalog with this Wedding Star?

  • A. The books are published and registered in the Copyright office of the United States every 3 to 6 years.