Can You Buy a Star?

Imagine lying on a blanket under a clear night sky, looking up at the stars. The universe stretches out, full of mystery and beauty. It makes you feel small yet connected to the cosmos.

Now, picture naming a star, linking it to you or someone special. It sounds like a fairy tale, but International Star Registry makes it real.

Star Registry® started in 1979 and is the top star naming service. They have many options for buying stars. This makes it easy to find the perfect gift for any event.

Key Takeaways:

  • You can buy a star as a unique astronomical gift from International Star Registry.
  • Star Registry offers different pricing options for buying stars, including Deluxe Star Kit, Ultimate Star Kit, and Custom Star Kit.
  • Each star kit purchase includes the right to name a star, a certificate of authenticity, a star chart and more.
  • Alternative options like adopting a star or exploring stargazing apps can provide meaningful gifts and experiences.

How Does Star Naming Work?

The process of star naming at Star Registry® is easy and clear. You can name a star for yourself or give it as a special gift. The process is made simple for everyone.

First, pick a constellation you like or choose from the options given. Then, buy a star kit from Star Registry®.

When you buy a star for someone, you get a certificate of authenticity. This certificate shows your star’s name, its location in the sky, and a dedication date. It’s a special way to celebrate or remember something important.

You also get a star chart and the option to purchase photo of your star. The star chart helps you find your star in the sky. The photo is a nice keepsake to look at or share.

Star Registry sends you all the documents and materials in the star kit. They make sure the whole process is easy and stress-free for you.


Is Buying a Star a Legitimate Gift?

Buying a star as a gift is a real and touching way to celebrate special moments and show love. Star Registry makes it possible to have a unique gift without breaking any rules.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) is in charge of naming stars. But, Star Registry lets you have a special gift without using the IAU’s official names.

Buying a Star Name from Star Registy means you’re giving a one-of-a-kind gift. You get lots of cool stuff like a star certificate and a welcome letter.

Reasons to Buy a Star

Purchasing a star is a special way to show love and respect. It’s perfect for honoring a loved one, celebrating a hero, or remembering someone dear. Giving a star is a gesture that lasts forever.

Buying a star for someone lets you connect with the night sky in a personal way. Naming a star after someone shows deep love and lasts forever. It’s a symbol of love that never fades.

Stars are gifts that never go away. Unlike things that can be lost or forgotten, a star’s name stays in the sky. It reminds us of the special bond we share with someone.

International Star Registry offers special packages like the Deluxe, Ultimate, and Custom. These kits come with a certificate, star chart, photo, space book, and star facts. They help the recipient enjoy their star.

Looking for a special gift? Buying a star is a unique choice that shows deep love and respect. It’s a way to make someone’s day and leave a lasting memory. Give someone a gift that’s truly out of this world.

About Star Dedication

Star dedication can be confusing. Many companies claim to let you name a star, but not all are real. Most of these services are knock offs of International Star Registry.

But, there’s a good way to dedicate a star. Star Registry® lets you name and dedicate stars. It’s a way to honor someone special or mark an event in a unique way.

Remember, star dedication is a symbolic act. You can’t own a star, but naming one lets you connect with the universe and leave a lasting legacy.

Your Place in the Universe

Buying a star and naming it is like claiming a spot in the sky. It’s a way to remember someone or something forever. Star Registry lets you have a special spot in the universe. Since 1979, over 3,000,000 stars have been named for people,  royalty, and celebrities.

By naming a star, you join a group of people who have made their mark in the sky. This act is recorded in a special book called ‘Your Place in the Cosmos.’ It’s kept in the U.S. Copyright Office for safekeeping.

Star Registry® offers special packages for your star. You can get hand-lettered calligraphycustom engraving, and professional framing. This makes your star gift extra special.

They process orders fast, in just one business day. You can check out safely and return items easily. Naming a star is a unique gift for any special event.

Naming a star connects you to the universe in a big way. It makes you curious about stars, constellations, and astronomy. Stars last for billions of years, so it’s a lasting legacy.


Purchasing a star from Star Registry® is a special way to give a meaningful gift. Many people try to buy a star, showing a big interest in this unique ownership. They do it for personal and sentimental reasons, not just for investment.

If you want a unique and lasting gift for special moments or to honor someone, think about buying a star from Star Registry®. It’s a way to keep a memory alive. Give a star as a gift to show your love and care.


Can you buy a star?

Yes, you can buy a star as a unique astronomical gift.

How does star naming work?

Star naming means buying a star kit from Star Registry®. You pick a constellation or choose from their options. Then, you get a certificate, a star chart, a photo, and more.

Is buying a star a legitimate gift?

Yes, buying a star from Star Registry® is a real and touching way to give a unique gift.

Reasons to buy a star?

Buying a star is special for many reasons. It shows love and respect for someone close, is a unique gift for big events, honors someone important in your life, and spreads joy with a meaningful gift.

Your place in the universe?

Buying a star lets you claim a spot in the sky. It’s a way to remember someone or something special forever. It connects you to the universe and makes a lasting tribute.

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Can You Buy a Star?

Modified: June 5, 2024     Author: International Star Registry

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The idea of  buying a star is both enchanting and symbolic. Many people wonder, “Can you buy a star?” The short answer is yes, you can name a star through International Star Registry. This comprehensive guide will delve into the process of buying a star package, what it entails, and the symbolic significance behind naming a star.

Understanding Star Naming

Star naming involves assigning a unique name to a star to a previously unnamed star. While these names are not used by scientists, they are permanently recorded as a lasting tribute that will never be forgotten. International Star Registry introduced the world to the gift of star naming in 1979 by providing a way for individuals to name a star.

The Sentimental Value

Naming a star is a meaningful way to commemorate special occasions or honor loved ones. The gift of a star represents eternity, as stars are enduring symbols in the night sky. This makes star buying a touching gesture for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or memorials.

How Star Naming Works

Buying a Star Package

The process of naming a star is straightforward and involves visiting, purchasing a star package, and adding a name to a previously numbered star. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose a Star Package: Different packages are available, offering various features like framing options, hand calligraphy, and personalized upgrades.
  2. Provide the Star Name: You can name the star after a person or give it a unique, meaningful name. There are 35 character spaces, so you can be creative.
  3. Receive Documentation: When you name a star you will receive documentation confirming that the star you name will be recorded forever in the Book “Your Place in the Cosmos” which will be registered in the United States Copyright Office.

What You Receive When you Buy a Star

When you buy a star, your package includes:

  • A Star Certificate: The Authentic International Star Registry (ISR) certificate that has been featured in Movies and television for over 45 years. This certificate is personalized with the name you have given to the star plus the star’s location.
  • A Star Map: Your star map will indicate the more precise telescopic coordinates of the star, the star named, and location of your star in the night sky will be circled.
  • Information about the stars: Your star package will include an informative booklet about the stars written exclusively for International Star Registry customers by a professional astronomer.
  • Elegant upgrade items: Any of the amazing options you have added to your package will be included. If you have ordered framing, your star certificate will arrive professionally framed and ready to display.

Finding Your Named Star

With the provided coordinates and star map, you can easily find your star’s constellation. You will need a telescope to locate the star. Your star can also be located alphabetically using the online search tool.

The Symbolic Nature of Star Naming

Emotional Significance

Buying a star is more than just a gift; it’s a gesture of love, remembrance, and celebration. It signifies an eternal bond, as stars themselves are enduring symbols in the universe.

Special Occasions

Stars can be named for a variety of special occasions:

  • Birthdays: A unique gift for someone special.
  • Anniversaries: Celebrating a significant milestone in a relationship.
  • Memorials: Honoring the memory of a loved one.

Naming a star creates a lasting tribute that can be revisited each time you look at the night sky, making it a deeply personal and meaningful act.


Buying a star is a unique and sentimental gift that symbolizes an eternal connection. Although the named stars are not officially recognized by scientific bodies, the emotional and symbolic significance they carry makes them a cherished gift. By understanding the process and the meaning behind star naming, you can give a gift that is both memorable and heartfelt.

If you’re looking to name a star, visit today for more information and to explore the available packages. Buy a star today and create a lasting tribute in the night sky.

You can buy a star package from International Star Registry for $59. You cannot officially own the star (It’s too hot to handle!), but you can engage in the process of naming a star  through International Star Registry (ISR), via its official site, 

ISR allows individuals to name stars and maintains a comprehensive record of these designated names in its published listing. The uniqueness of the ISR lies in its documentation: the ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘ book series is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, making it the only copyrighted record of named stars in the world.  The copyright protects the publication’s original content and permanently memorializes the star names. The Copyright Office registration does not endow any legal recognition to these star names. 

While International Astronomical Union (IAU) is largely recognized by the scientific community for assigning names to celestial bodies, the names offered by ISR are accurate and scientifically valid. This means that while you can buy a star, you do not “own” the star, and the name is not recognized in scientific contexts. 

Millions of individuals have found this service offered by International Star Registry deeply meaningful. The act of naming a star can serve as a distinctive gift or a lasting tribute to a loved one. It provides an opportunity to establish a personal, symbolic connection to the cosmos. 

To delve deeper into the vast world of stars and the practice of naming them, Wikipedia offers an extensive array of articles and resources. Its information on the nature and classification of stars, as well as cultural and historical contexts of star naming provides valuable insights into this fascinating subject. 


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