Can You Buy a Star?

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

International Star registry 45th anniversary logo surrounded by stars.

You can buy a star package from International Star Registry for $54. You cannot officially own the star (It’s too hot to handle!), but you can engage in the process of naming a star  through the International Star Registry (ISR), via its official site, 

The ISR allows individuals to name stars and maintains a comprehensive record of these designated names in its published listing. The uniqueness of the ISR lies in its documentation: the ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘ book series is registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, making it the only copyrighted record of named stars in the world.  The copyright protects the publication’s original content and permanently memorializes the star names. The Copyright Office registration does not endow any legal recognition  these star names. 

While the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is largely recognized by the scientific community for assigning names to celestial bodies, the names offered by ISR are accurate and scientifically valid. This means that while you can name a star, you do not “own” the star, and the name is not recognized in scientific contexts. 

Millions of individuals have found this service offered by the ISR deeply meaningful. The act of naming a star can serve as a distinctive gift or a lasting tribute to a loved one. It provides an opportunity to establish a personal, symbolic connection to the cosmos. 

To delve deeper into the vast world of stars and the practice of naming them, Wikipedia offers an extensive array of articles and resources. Its information on the nature and classification of stars, as well as cultural and historical contexts of star naming provides valuable insights into this fascinating subject. 

In conclusion, while it’s not possible to buy a star in the sense of acquiring celestial property, ISR via allows you to symbolically name a star. Though not officially recognized by the scientific community, this act carries a strong personal and symbolic resonance for many, offering a unique way to feel connected to the infinite expanse of the cosmos. 


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