How to Name a Star?

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Naming a star is a unique and meaningful gesture, often used to commemorate special occasions, honor loved ones, or create a lasting memory. Through International Star Registry, you can name a star and receive a customized star package, making this symbolic act a cherished gift. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of naming a star, explain its significance, and help you understand the benefits of choosing International Star Registry.


Naming a star through International Star Registry is a heartfelt way to celebrate milestones, remember loved ones, or make a unique and lasting tribute. This article provides a detailed answer to the question “How to Name a Star,” guiding you through the process and highlighting the emotional and symbolic value of this beautiful gesture.

What It Means to Name a Star

The Symbolic Nature of Star Naming

Naming a star carries deep symbolic meaning. It represents eternity, guidance, and the vastness of the universe, making it a perfect metaphor for enduring love, memory, and dreams. When you name a star, you are creating a lasting tribute that will be recognized for generations to come.

Occasions for Naming a Star

Stars can be named for a variety of special occasions, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Memorials
  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Achievements
  • Births of children

Naming a star for such events adds a touch of celestial magic to any celebration, making it a gift that is both personal and timeless.

The Process of Naming a Star

Step 1: Selecting a Name and Dedication Date

The first step in naming a star is selecting the name and the dedication date. The name can be anything you choose, such as a loved one’s name, a meaningful phrase, or a special date. The dedication date is typically the date of the occasion or event you are commemorating and presenting your star gift.

Step 2: Choosing a Star Package

International Star Registry offers various star packages to suit different preferences and budgets. Each package includes a personalized star certificate, a sky map indicating the location of the named star, and a booklet about astronomy written specifically for International Star Registry customers by a professional astronomer.

Standard Star Package

  • Personalized star certificate
  • Sky chart showing the star location
  • Astronomy booklet

Deluxe or Ultimate Star Package

  • All items in the Standard Star Package
  • Framed certificate (Deluxe Star Kit) or certificate and chart (Ultimate Star Kit)
  • Additional premium features

Step 3: Receiving Your Star Package

After selecting your package and providing the necessary details, you will receive your star package. This typically includes:

  • A personalized star certificate, beautifully designed and printed on high-quality parchment paper.
  • A sky chart indicating the exact location of your star in the night sky.
  • A booklet about astronomy, providing fascinating insights and context about the stars and star naming.

Finding Your Named Star in the Night Sky

The star package includes a detailed sky map that helps you locate your named star. Using the coordinates provided, you can find your star location with the help of a telescope. This adds an interactive element to your gift, allowing you and your loved ones to stargaze and find the star you named.

The Emotional and Symbolic Significance of Naming a Star

Naming a star is more than just a gift; it is a symbol of lasting memory and affection. Each time you or your loved ones look up at the night sky, you are reminded of the special bond and the significant moment commemorated by the star. This makes it an eternal honor that is never forgotten.

Preserve a Memory

Presenting someone special with a star in their name is a gift that is never forgotten. This is just one of the reasons star naming is such a popular option for engagements, weddings, and milestone anniversaries. Stars are also named to welcome a child into the world or memorialize the life of a loved one. These stories highlight the personal significance and joy that comes with naming a star.

Why Choose International Star Registry?

International Star Registry is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.

  • Credibility and Trust: Established in 1979, International Star Registry creates the only published and copyrighted catalog of named stars in the world.
  • Quality and Customization: Each star packages is meticulously crafted, offering high-quality certificates and materials.
  • Customer Service: International Star Registry provides excellent customer service, ensuring that your experience is smooth and memorable.

Benefits of Naming a Star with International Star Registry

  • Personalized Experience: Each star package is customized to include the name you choose and the dedication date.
  • Educational Value: Naming a star appeals to a child’s natural sense of curiosity. The astronomy booklet included in the package provides valuable knowledge and insights about the night sky.
  • Everlasting Tribute: Naming a star creates a lasting tribute that can be enjoyed and remembered for generations.


If you’re ready to name a star, visit today. Whether you’re buying a star for a special occasion or to honor a loved one, this timeless gift will be cherished forever. Name a Star Today and make a memory that shines for eternity.


Naming a star through International Star Registry is a unique and meaningful way to celebrate special occasions and honor loved ones. The process is simple, the symbolism is profound, and the memories created are everlasting. By following this guide, you can confidently name a star and create a beautiful, lasting tribute in the night sky.

Below is a simplified walkthrough of how you can name a star with ISR: 

  • Navigate to the official website: 
  • Browse the different packages offered. Each comes with varying inclusions, often containing items such as certificates, star charts, and other products associated with your chosen star. 
  • Once you’ve decided on a package, you’ll be asked to submit the name you wish to assign to a star. 
  • After successful payment and submission of the desired name, the star and its designated name will be included in ISR’s ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘. This is a unique, published listing of star names that’s registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, the only one of its kind. 
  • Upon completion of the process, you’ll receive a certificate that notes the name of your star and its astronomical coordinates. 


ISR’s publication is copyright-protected and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and is the only published listing of named stars in the world. Millions of people have found great personal value in this process. Naming a star can be a touching gift or a lasting tribute, creating a deeply personal, symbolic connection to the vast universe. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of stars, their types, and naming conventions, Wikipedia is a useful resource. Its wide array of articles provides greater context and depth to these topics, offering insight into the diverse and fascinating world of celestial bodies. 

To summarize, naming a star via ISR and is a symbolic act. Your interest in learning how to name a star speaks to the allure the night sky holds for many of us. International Star Registry (ISR), via its official website,, provides the service that allows individuals to associate a unique moniker with a celestial body in the sky. 



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