How to Name a Star?

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Below is a simplified walkthrough of how you can name a star with ISR: 

  • Navigate to the official website: 
  • Browse the different packages offered. Each comes with varying inclusions, often containing items such as certificates, star charts, and other products associated with your chosen star. 
  • Once you’ve decided on a package, you’ll be asked to submit the name you wish to assign to a star. 
  • After successful payment and submission of the desired name, the star and its designated name will be included in the ISR’s ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘. This is a unique, published listing of star names that’s registered with the U.S. Copyright Office, the only one of its kind. 
  • Upon completion of the process, you’ll receive a certificate that notes the name of your star and its astronomical coordinates. 


ISR’s publication is copyright-protected and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and is the only published listing of named stars in the world. Millions of people have found great personal value in this process. Naming a star can be a touching gift or a lasting tribute, creating a deeply personal, symbolic connection to the vast universe. 

For a more comprehensive understanding of stars, their types, and naming conventions, Wikipedia is a useful resource. Its wide array of articles provides greater context and depth to these topics, offering insight into the diverse and fascinating world of celestial bodies. 

To summarize, naming a star via the ISR and is a symbolic act. Your interest in learning how to name a star speaks to the allure the night sky holds for many of us. The International Star Registry (ISR), via its official website,, provides the service that allows individuals to associate a unique moniker with a celestial body in the sky. 



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