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Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Lupus, the Wolf, is a constellation located in the southern hemisphere, near the constellations of Centaurus, Circinus, Hydra, Libra, Norma and Scorpius. As one of Ptolemy’s original 48 constellations, it is more well-known than some others in the southern hemisphere. According to one fable, this constellation Lupus is Lycaon, King of Arcadia. He lived about 3,600 years ago and was changed into a wolf by Jupiter (Zeus) because he offered human victims on the altars of the God Pan. This constellation was known as the “Mad Dog” to the Babylonians. 

One of the most notable stars in Lupus is “Alpha Lupi,” which is a blue-white giant star located approximately 460 light-years from Earth. Alpha Lupi has a magnitude of 2.3, making it the the brightest star in the constellation. It can be located from the southern hemisphere to as far north as the Canary Islands. Another interesting star in Lupus is the variable star”Beta Lupi,” which is a blue-white giant star located approximately 383 light-years from Earth. Beta Lupi is close to supernova remnant SN 1006.  In addition to these stars, Lupus also contains several notable deep-sky objects. One of these objects is NGC 5986, a globular cluster that contains two bright A-F class stars. Another deep-sky object in Lupus is IC 4406, also called the Retina Nebula. Locating this bipolar nebula on the western border of the constellation will reveal a remarkable oblong shape. The shape is unique in that the two sides appear to mirror one another.   

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Symbol: Lup 

Right Ascension : 03:13 

Declination: -43 

Diameter (°): 14 

Area (square °): 334 

Opposition: May 11 

Size Rank: 46th 

Brightness Rank: 29th 

Genitive: Lupi 


Major Stars 

α Lupi (Alpha Lupi) 

β Lupi (Beta Lupi) 

γ Lupi (Gamma Lupi) 

δ Lupi (Delta Lupi) 

ε Lupi (Epsilon Lupi) 

ζ Lupi (Zeta Lupi) 

η Lupi (Eta Lupi) 

ι Lupi (Iota Lupi) 

φ Lupi (Phi Lupi) 

π Lupi (Pi Lupi) 

KT Lupi (114 G. Lupi) 

τ Lupi (Tau Lupi) 

1 Lupi 

ν Lupi (Nu Lupi) 

GQ Lupi 

RU Lupi 



Deep Sky Objects 

NGC 5986 

Retina Nebula – IC 4406 

NGC 5822 

NGC 5824 

NGC 5749 

NGC 5882 

NGC 5927

In conclusion, Lupus is a fascinating constellation just south of Libra and Centaurus in the night sky. There, you’ll find many beautiful bright stars and fascinating deep sky objects. 


Q. What is Lupus? 

A. Lupus is the 46th constellation in size, occupying an area of 334 square degrees. 

Q. What constellations are in the constellation? 

A. The neighboring constellations are Centaurus, Circinus, Hydra, Libra, Norma and Scorpius. 

Q. What is Lupus constellation? 

A. Its name means “the wolf” in Latin. 

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