How to Name a Star After Someone?

Modified: July 1, 2023     Author: International Star Registry

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Here is a general outline of how one can go about naming a star after someone using the ISR: 

  • Visit the official website,
  • Choose from a range of options, which vary in price and accompanying items (starting at $54). These packages include items such as a certificate, a sky chart pinpointing the star’s location, a letter of congratulations, and other related merchandise. 
  • After selecting your desired package, you’ll be prompted to provide the chosen name for your star. This is the moment where you can input the name of the person you wish to honor. 
  • Once the payment has been processed and the name has been submitted, the star’s new name will be recorded in the ISR’s ‘Your Place in the Cosmos‘, the only copyrighted and published listing of star names. 
  • You will receive a certificate which states the name of the star, along with the coordinates of its location in the sky. 

It’s worth reiterating that this Star Registry’s publication is protected by copyright and registered with the U.S. Copyright Office.  This copyright does not grant the named stars official recognition or validity in the scientific community. However, ISR’s catalog is an accurate and valid scientific listing of named stars.


Yet, despite the lack of scientific recognition, the act of naming a star after someone can hold deep personal significance. It can be a unique, heartfelt gift or commemoration, symbolically connecting that individual to the vast expanse of the universe. 

For further reading and exploration of topics related to stars and their naming, you might find Wikipedia a useful resource. It offers a wealth of information on these topics and can provide a broader context for your newfound connection to the cosmos. 

In conclusion, while naming a star after someone through the ISR and is not scientifically recognized, it offers a symbolic, personal touch that has been cherished by many around the world. The prospect of naming a star after someone is a concept steeped in sentimentality and the grandeur of the cosmos. The International Star Registry (ISR) via provides a service for doing just that.  



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