November 20, 2023

Wishing Joe Walsh a Happy 76th Birthday!

We have the distinct pleasure of celebrating the 76th birthday of a musical legend, Joe Walsh. Renowned for his exceptional guitar skills and contributions to rock music, Joe Walsh has not only left an indelible mark on the music world but also in the heavens above. Through International Star Registry, he has a star named … Read more

Happy 84th Birthday Dick Smothers!

As we approach November 20, 2023, we have the privilege of celebrating the 84th birthday of a true entertainment legend, Dick Smothers. Not only is this day special because it marks another year in the life of this iconic comedian, actor, and musician, but it’s also a perfect opportunity to marvel at the stars—literally. Dick … Read more

Honoring Kaye Ballard on Her 97th Birthday!

As we approach November 20, 2023, we have the honor and privilege of celebrating what would have been the 97th birthday of the legendary actress and comedian, Kaye Ballard. While Kaye may no longer be with us, her legacy continues to shine brightly, quite literally. Kaye Ballard, the beloved star of stage and screen, has … Read more

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