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Name a star and have it recorded in the only published listing of named stars in the world! See the Library of Congress Number and ISBN information for every volume of here Your Place in the Cosmos.

ISBN Numbers
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume I. Total Pages 530; ISBN-13: 9780961435400 ISBN-10: 0961435402
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume II. Total Pages 508; ISBN-13: 9780961435417 ISBN-10: 0961435410
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume III. Total Pages 388; ISBN-13: 978-0-9614354-2-4, ISBN: 0-9614354-2-9
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume IV. Total Pages 502; ISBN-13: 978-0-9614354-3-1, ISBN: 0-9614354-3-7
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume V. Total Pages 680; ISBN-13: 9780961435448 ISBN-10: 0961435445
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume VI. Total Pages 717; ISBN-13: 978-0-9614354-5-5, ISBN: 0-9614354-5-3
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume VII. Total Pages 773; ISBN-13: 978-0-9614354-6-2, ISBN: 0-9614354-6-1
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume VIII. Total Pages 652; ISBN-13: 9780961435479 ISBN-10: 096143547X
Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume IX. Total Pages 943; ISBN-13: 9780961435486 ISBN-10: 0961435488

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Eyes light up when you name a star. Generations of families all over the world have called to buy a star package as a welcome New Baby Gift, a stellar Birthday Gift, a Wedding or Anniversary Gift, A special Holiday or Christmas Gift or as a loving Memorial Tribute that will last for eternity. Whether you are naming a star for your Valentine or for your top sales associate, knowing a star has been named for you is an honor of a lifetime.

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Purchase a star package and customize it! We offer professional framing options plus elegant engraved sterling silver jewelry, our exclusive Star Registry® Photographic Sky Chart available framed or unframed, Stylish hand-drawn Calligraphy, and the ever-popular Engraved Star Ornament which makes a great add-on item or a wonderful follow-up gift. See all of our options and accessories to make your Star Registry package really shine!

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Our friendly phone staff has been helping customers since 1979! Call us at 800-282-3333 to take advantage of our decades of experience. We know it’s not every day you name a star and you may want some help. Do you have questions about naming a star? We can help with special requests, tracking your order, naming stars together, creating a unique corporate promotion, or locating a star in a specific area of the sky. Give us a call. We’re here to help!

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Star Registry ®, International Star Registry® and® are registered Trademarks of International Star Registry. In 1979, we made the heavens available to anyone wishing to name a star that had once been previously numbered. Star names are indexed alphabetically and are permanently recorded in our published, copyrighted listing of stars. This is not a catalog intended for scientific use. Don’t be fooled by imposters. See our Money back guarantee. Proud A+ member of the BBB


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    Most stars are given the name of whomever you are honoring, but feel free to be creative. You can select a star name up to 35 spaces long! We can put the star in your recipient’s zodiac sign, or any other constellation you prefer. We’re also happy to choose a location viewable from your location for you.

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