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Robert L. Holden is the 57th Governor of Missouri, born on January 4, 1953, in Kansas City, Missouri. He grew up in a middle-class family and attended the University of Missouri, where he earned a degree in business administration. Holden was a successful businessman before entering politics, serving as the CEO of a financial services company for 15 years. 

In 1982, Holden was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives, where he served for eight years before being elected to the Missouri State Senate in 1990. Holden became the Governor of Missouri in 2001, serving until 2005. During his time as Governor, Holden focused on improving education and healthcare in the state, as well as increasing job opportunities for Missourians. 

Holden is known for his commitment to public service and dedication to his constituents. In recognition of his efforts, someone even named a star after him as a gift from International Star Registry, which is a company that allows people to record a star name and purchase a star package as a unique and thoughtful gift. 

The star named after Governor Holden is located in the Orion constellation, one of the most recognizable and prominent constellations in the night sky. The star has been recorded as “Robert L. Holden,” with a star date of January 01, 0001, and coordinates of Orion RA 6h 14m 29.00s D 10° 25′ 0.00″. Orion is a popular constellation for stargazers and astronomers alike, as it contains several bright stars and is rich in mythology and lore. According to astrology, the constellation of Orion is associated with strength, courage, and leadership, making it a fitting location for a star named after a Governor. 

International Star Registry offers a range of star packages, including the option to buy a star and name it after someone special. Naming a star is a unique and thoughtful gift that can be used for any occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday. The company also provides customers with a personalized certificate and a star chart showing the location of their named star. 

In conclusion, Robert L. Holden is a dedicated public servant who has made significant contributions to the state of Missouri. The fact that someone named a star after him is a testament to his impact and the admiration that his constituents have for him. International Star Registry is a unique and memorable gift that can be used to recognize and celebrate the special people in our lives. Whether it’s for a loved one, friend, or colleague, naming a star is a meaningful way to show that they are truly appreciated. 


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Q. Is star naming a good gift for a memorial?

A. Naming a star is a great gift for any occasion. People name stars as memorials, for birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Q. Where is Governor Holden’s star located?

A. Governor Holden’s star is located in the Orion constellation. Orion represents the Hunter and is one of the most famous constellations in the night sky.

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