Stars Named for Presidents and Dignitaries

Every president elected since 1953 has a star named in his honor.

Who has named stars for US Presidents?

Family, friends, fans, and associates of many United States Presidents have contacted us to name a star. Two presidential stars were named for NASA Space Centers.

We are honored to have been asked to name these stars. These are the Presidents who led our nation as we experienced the greatest 70 years of technological advancement in history. During these decades our world has been transformed.

Satellites now allow us the communicate around the globe. We have explored space and walked on the Moon. We have sent telescopes into space and unmanned spaceships to other planets. There is no other time is history that so much has changed so quickly.

The stars have been named for presidents by their family members, their admirers, and by institutions. We are always impressed when we receive a call from someone wishing to name a star for a president.

Some of the stars have been named in memoriam by an admirer. Some of the stars have also been named for family members and for presidential couples. Additionally, we have named stars for Vice Presidents, Royalty, and dozens of World Leaders.

Your Place in the Cosmos is an historic record of these stars. It includes stars named for Astronauts, Generals, Humanitarian Leaders, and Heroes around the world. Our history of naming stars goes back close to half a century. International Star Registry began in 1979 as a gift for celebrities. Naming a star quickly became a favorite gift package for people everywhere. It's the perfect gift for any occasion.

Do other historical figures have stars named for them?

In February 1981 the world was enchanted by “Lady Di” when Charles and Diana announced their engagement. Three stars for Lady Di are recorded in Your Place in the Cosmos, Volume 1. Other stars have been named for her as a special gift since then.

The prince's physician contacted us to buy a star gift pack in honor the royal wedding on their big day. The stars named for the couple are located in the constellation Corona Borealis, The Northern Crown.

Stars in the sky have been named for space pioneers John Glenn, Buzz Aldrin, and Christa McAuliffe. There are stars named for Helen Keller and Martin Luther King. Other Nobel Prize winners with stars named include Nelson Mandela, Henry Kissinger, and Mother Teresa.

The list goes on to include heroes of the World Trade Center, Heisman Trophy Winners, and some of your most beloved authors, entertainers, and recording artists.

Buy a star package to name a star and you'll be in some pretty important company. Name a star as a gift. Your star will be recorded in the world's only published and copyrighted catalog of its kind. You will receive the same elegant star certificate that is displayed in homes around the world.

The star you name is unique. When you name a star, we promise we will only name it once. Our customer service staff will be happy to assist you. Most packages ship within 24 hours, or on the following business day.

Your unique gift package will include the famous International Star Registry certificate. You will also get a personalized star chart showing the star location in the night sky. Plus, you'll get a booklet about the stars written by a professional astronomer.