Twyla Tharp's Star in the Bootes Constellation

Updated: January 14, 2024   Author: International Star Registry

A Star Named Twyla Tharp

In a celestial gesture of admiration, someone named a star for Twyla Tharp’s remarkable artistic gift through International Star Registry (ISR). The star, aptly named “Twyla Tharp,” was officially recorded on July 02, 1985, in the constellation Bootes at coordinates RA 13h 51m 7.00s D 24° 22′ 0.00″. This celestial tribute reflects the brilliance and uniqueness that defines Twyla Tharp’s illustrious career. 

Twyla Tharp: A Dance Pioneer

Twyla Tharp, born on July 1, 1941, in the United States, is a renowned American dancer, choreographer, and author. Her creative journey has been a testament to the fusion of artistry and innovation. With her base in the vibrant city of New York, she has left an indelible mark on the world of dance and performance.

A Harmonious Blend of Styles

Throughout her career, Twyla Tharp has carved a unique path in the dance world. In 1966, she established the company “Twyla Tharp Dance,” setting the stage for her exceptional choreographic journey. What sets her work apart is her ability to seamlessly incorporate classical music, jazz, and contemporary pop music into her performances. This dynamic fusion of styles has captured the hearts of audiences worldwide.

Taking Dance Beyond Borders

From 1971 to 1988, Twyla Tharp Dance embarked on extensive global tours, showcasing original and captivating works. Among her remarkable creations, “Deuce Coupe” choreographed in 1973 to the music of The Beach Boys stands out. This ballet was a groundbreaking moment in the dance world, recognized as the first “crossover ballet,” blending ballet and modern dance in a mesmerizing way. Her choreography reached new heights with “Push Comes to Shove” in 1976, featuring the legendary Mikhail Baryshnikov, now regarded as the pinnacle of crossover ballet.

A Collaborative Spirit

In 1988, Twyla Tharp Dance merged with the American Ballet Theatre (ABT). Since then, ABT has proudly premiered 16 of her exceptional works. This partnership has showcased her ability to collaborate with other exceptional talents, further elevating the world of dance.

Honors and Recognition

Twyla Tharp’s contributions to the world of dance have not gone unnoticed. On May 24, 2018, she was bestowed with an honorary Doctor of Arts degree by Harvard University, a testament to her enduring influence on the arts.

A Celestial Gift for Special Occasions

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In conclusion, Twyla Tharp’s extraordinary career in dance has illuminated the world with her artistic brilliance. Her journey from a pioneering choreographer to a celestial inspiration serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of the arts. Much like the star named in her honor, her legacy continues to shine brightly in the constellation of dance.


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